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Naked Geek Race at the Beach


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First ever Naked Geek Race.


We're looking for participants for the Naked Geek Race. All you have to do is show up at the beach naked, wearing a bow tie, glasses (not sunglasses) and any hat or ears of your choice. Underwear is optional for those that just can't bare it all.



A map marking the course will be coming soon!


Remember the sharks, if they touch you, you're shark meat and you have to return to shore and start over.


2 Races, 3 laps each, runners must dive off the end of the pier on the last lap. The winners will go on to the final race.




Date and Time: November 22 at 5PM EST Time zones

Location: The Beach



Prize: bragging rights and title Naked Geek Race Champion


Gotta have RULES! -feel free to suggest any rule you think will make this game more awesomerer or if you don't like a rule we might change it...maybe


1. No kissing the runners- they'll be slobering at the time

2. No cuddling the runners- a sweaty geek is never good

3. Tripping other runners is cool if you can manage it.

4. Stay on the freakin' course! No shortcuts! Mind the poles (markers) they'll be green. For safety reasons they will be in their undies.

5. Spectator, as a courtesy don't send partner invites or friend requests to runners, that will trip 'em up for sure...well, yeah, go ahead and send partner invites and shizz LOL. Cold invite the crap out of those geeks.

6. If the cops, sharks or markers lose sight of you even for a second that means the sharks ate you and you have to go back to shore.


Sexy female cops will be patrolling to ensure that no geek is breaking the rules. Any geek caught breaking rules will be cuffed, gagged and hauled away for interrogation and torture.




All geeks be advised, there will be sharks in the water, you must avoid sharks at all cost and still remain in the race. They will eat you!




To be continued..

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MM I am in, not sure of going completely naked though ...as long as the waters not too cold!!!!...I want to avoid mass public shrinkage and voice sounding like a girl for the next day....mmm...that maybe a change for the better..lol...hehe...but other then that...Bring on the competition

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