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Naked Geek Race at the Beach


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MM I am in, not sure of going completely naked though ...as long as the waters not too cold!!!!...I want to avoid mass public shrinkage and voice sounding like a girl for the next day....mmm...that maybe a change for the better..lol...hehe...but other then that...Bring on the competition


don't worry robo, take it all off, you'll be fine!  Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize LOL

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Notice: Sexy female cops will be patrolling to ensure that no geek is breaking the rules. Any geek caught breaking rules will be cuffed, gagged and hauled away for interrogation and torture.



I'm so serious right now...


Haha... i think lot of geeks will break the rules ! Geeks revolt !!  :D  :D  :D



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