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New Free EDM hybrid Sex club for xmass (ur free to earn donations from hosting it also )


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hello everyone 

this is a thread that i will be posting all my builds in one place 

and how they progressing :)

ofc all my builds are for those that want them and are via donations expressing their love to each said build

and All the builds will come in unlimited numbers so to clarify this 1 club or whatever will go to many players n not just one .

Ofcource special requested rooms are only for one n the one requested it from me but my presets rooms are for many :)



ill start this year with Next Gen 2 club :)




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Since we saw Next Gen 2 club in above pics 


here is next Gen 3 club  :D 

to say a few words  both next Gen 2 and 3 will finish together and will be available  :P 


here some pics of next gen 3 club 





My preset bar with some changes make life easier if u wanna build fast 

maybe some day ill give u my latest inventory that i store bars chairs beds ready pools  preset stractures and many more stuff for fast building  :D 



new line of sofa n chairs n table both Next gen 2 and 3 have my new line 



uper lvls will have poles n beds  



pre order now :D both Next Gen 2 and 3 will come out in unlimited numbers  :D 


have fun and wish u all a nice day  :P 

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Finaly NEXT GEN 3 is ready and available .

So if u want to have the best EDM club do ur parties Next Gen 3 is a awesome choice .

The whole vipe bring u in mood to just party and that not all since its also a sex game the upper lvls have pole dance n beds n many areas for sex etc .


my new hi teck line of beds since we talking about next Generation clubs in 3dxchat  :D 




the upper lvl area 


simply beautiful  :P 


my new line of chairs both 1 seat n 2 seat chair 


the 2 seat chair 



the 1 seat chair 








 Next Gen 3 Club  :P

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Alivia - that NEXT GEN 3 is a great looking world.  I don't see it on your blog yet.  Is it available for a donation?

yes it is i was just lazy to upload pics there :)

hope tomorrow i upload pics on my blog 



Also mind that my blog is mostly to advertize 3dxchat  not so much for the rooms 

the only usefull thing my blog has about the rooms is the donation button other than that primary objective of my blog is pics n videos of 3dxchat gameplay so ppl that dont yet play it see live scenes so they know how 3dxchat looks so i dont upload every room i make on my blog but i do it here 


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Hi i had a request from a lovely couple to build them a gothic mansion with poles n orgy pit etc hehe

i have to say it was realy fun the 4 days i spend build that some sofas are made by my ex BF also so to give credit to those deserve it :)


here some pics 







room has been delivered already so i wish u have fun with it :)

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Good work, that's close to the gothic.

I see you have dealt with the subject (I hope) ... I like it very much

I hope I get to see the original.

see you soon


:) Tam


p.s sand-lime bricks were often used in cathedral buildings in the Gothic period

ty tamara i followed some of ur instructions thx for helping :)

next gothic project will be more cool i hope :)

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Dunn fogets pass on dem Donated Waffles to Gizmo so we can get more Updates :) A Happy Waffle Wealthy Gizmo is a productive Gizmo and can only mean more Updates, Yes New clothes, Poses and other such wonders and your Waffles will ensure a bright future. WoooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooo :)

A waffle has so much powerrrrr :)

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ok here is another room im close to finish ,this room can be used as an escort room with many privates rooms tons of poles to dance n sofas near .

can also be used as a pure sex room  or a dj party room with dj stand above the pool and the pool be used as dance area :)








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  • Aliviax changed the title to New Free EDM hybrid Sex club for xmass (ur free to earn donations from hosting it also )

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