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Wet N Wild presents Beach Party Rock & Metal style with Guest DJs.


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Wet & Wild is going to open for another special event this month on the 27th. So mark your calendars. As some of you know, I do not have my club open regularly. Only for special events. Well its SUMMER and its time to Celebrate the Sun and Sand, Surf and Great beaches and all the fun creatures on my Little Island... :)

                         One can never be sure what might turn up there. 


So COME and ENJOY the Great room and atmosphere, not to mention the Awesome Djs and music lined up.


                              More information to come :)


                                                                                                                         Stay tuned RIGHT HERE!

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Our Wet N Wild event will begin the 27th of July at 2:00 PM PST, 5 PM EST and 10:00 CST. 

Our DJ line up is as Follows:


MikeyDee will start us off at 5 pm EST

Tsela will follow him with his rocking metal music starting at 6 pm EST

WildHoney after him bringing a mix of Metal, Mainstream and classic Rock at 7 PM EST

DireTeddyBear will follow at 8 PM rocking us with his awesome Rock n Metal favorites.

SherryS will follow "Teddy Bear" with her sexy sassy tunes at 9:00 Pm EST

KandiKisses our sugar sweet DJ will be our last DJ at 10:00 pm EST.


An amazing night of great music. Come and Rock the Sun Sand, and Surf with the Minnions, Kitties and Bunnies too! 




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SNEAK PEEK at some of the SIGHTS to SEE by the Sun Surf and Seaside Beach


post-17772-0-85854500-1532653526.jpg                                                              post-17772-0-75729600-1532653259_thumb.png





















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Thank you to MikeyDee, Tsela, SherryS, Kandi Kisses,  and DireTeddyBear and all those who came out tonight. IT was  great evening at Wet N Wild! See you Next time..... and keep having FUN!!!

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