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Okay sooooooooo……..  note the word Extravaganza!!!       This isn’t just another fancy dress party….. 


You’re not going to need just the one outfit, ohhh no, we’re playing dress up!!   🙂


We’re starting with an easy opening theme, Super Heroes and Villains!  Come as your favourite, or just one you can make yourself look like, the 3DX wardrobe isn’t particularly lavish after all.


Then throughout the evening we’re gonna be giving you a different theme and you get to go and change into someone completely different!


Hope to see you there but no worries if not   🙂

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TOMORROW, 24.04.20    9pm CEST


Musicbox Instructions:

How does it work?:

my musicbox is loaded with 200 songs, numbered from 1 to 200. you can tell me which number you want to hear, and i will play it. IMPORTANT: when a number has been selected and played, you can´t request this number again!

How can i request a number?:
simply send a PN with your desired number to Darkangel

when i don´t have requests anymore, i will play songs from a 2nd playlist. so it´s up to you :D........


a preview of the room :D



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