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  1. Gizmo mentioned in announcements: ”We are continuing to work on new updates. Upcoming: - Adding new hairstyles to the game for men and women. - Updating the server solution. More players, more features, less lag.” Not sure when the updating the server solution part is happening, but hopefully this helps with stability.
  2. You can find useful information how to stream here: And then recommendations for a good streaming service are here: If you need a free one, someone called @NickyLove recommended this one: Just use 'Listen2MyRadio', it's free and has no limitationshttps://newl2mr.listen2myradio.com/login-free Also, @serversceocto says most will charge and they will only charge $5 a month, which is a contradiction anyway, but most the other services in that thread will only charge $5 a month as well.
  3. I am just trying to get the terminology right. What you are referring to is banning an IP address for multiple failed password attempts, which as I said is a brute force password attack, not a DDoS. I agree, it is a good defence to put in place, to stop passwords being hacked but not to be confused with a DDoS attack.
  4. Ummm okay. I wasn't claiming to be an expert, that is information from Trend Micro, one of the largest cyber security companies in the world which was linked from a page on that Digital Attack Map site that you posted. Also, it makes perfect sense. To actually ask a cybercriminal to start a DDoS attack on a site, you are not going to go to a "legit site" and use a credit card or PayPal unless you want to get caught or you are in a country where it is legal. Yes, hackers use bots (hacked computers of unsuspecting users) to run these attacks, but you are going to pay these criminals on the dark web with untraceable bitcoin using Tor.
  5. No worries my fellow nerd LOL.
  6. fail2ban protects against brute force attacks (where a password cracker will try multiple different passwords) not DDoS attacks. A DDoS attack involves an enormous number of spurious requests from a large number of computers worldwide that flood a target server. As a result, the target server spends all of its resources serving requests and becomes virtually unavailable to ordinary users. The users of the computers that are sending the fake requests may not even suspect that their machines have been hacked. DDoS attacks usually require the use of specially crafted bots and botnets. To instigate a DDoS attack, a hacker must first gain access to a target computer. He then installs a daemon in it using his DDoS bot kit. He then does the same thing to several other machines, turning them all into zombies. The hacker then starts the master program, which also comes from the DDoS bot kit, on his own or on a remote system and orders it to launch an attack on a chosen IP address. The master program then commands all of the daemons to attack the chosen victim for purposes like taking down a particular website. In summary, there is not just some simple program you can install and be protected against DDoS attacks. CDNs offered by the likes of Cloudflare can help. CDN is short for Content Delivery Network. It is a group of servers distributed around the world. When you use a CDN the content of your website (everything from HTML, stylesheets, videos, and images), isn’t just stored on the origin server where your website is hosted, but copies are also cached (stored) across the group of servers. The main purpose of this is to offload the bandwidth strain on your origin server to elsewhere — typically the server that is closest to the user who is trying to load your website. This is especially helpful if you have a high-traffic site with users around the world. Because your site content is stored on servers close to them (instead of another continent, for example), load time will be significantly faster, which means they’re more likely to stick around. Because of the nature of a CDN and how it redistributes traffic when needed, it makes it a great defense against DDoS attacks. If your website is the target of a DDoS attack, a CDN will help to ensure it doesn’t reach the origin server and render your site completely unavailable. If a server is hit with more traffic than it can handle, it simply sends the traffic to other servers. Your site won’t experience any downtime. Users won’t notice a thing and neither will you.
  7. Some interesting reading on pages 8-10 which tells you what a DDoS attack is and how much it typically costs from the cybercriminal market. https://www.trendmicro.de/cloud-content/us/pdfs/security-intelligence/white-papers/wp-russian-underground-101.pdf It is a white paper from Trend Micro, the anti-virus and web security company, so the link is legit.
  8. Since my last post at the beginning of 2018 I have been using Shoutca.st and can confirm it works great with no problems, both Shoutcast and Icecast support. I can personally vouch for both Gecko and Shoutca.st and a lot of people use MyRadioStream, so any one of those three will work great. All them offer plans around $5 a month or a couple of $ more for increased bit rate, more listeners, which should be affordable for most people.
  9. I wish the developers were more transparent about said link. I am only aware of the banned link, which will get you an instant ban which lasts a day or two because my friend posted it, which I never saw on 3DX because they got an instant ban, only because I got told about it on Discord. I am worried to even post it here, because my forum account may get banned. Although, I think it is only fair to post it just to warn people not to post it, or at least the game could give you a warning first and if you post the link a second time, then you get a ban. I am not critical of the developers wanting to ban this link. It is not anti-competitive as it is pretty much a direct rip-off of 3DX.
  10. Mulan


    It is not expensive or particularly difficult to DDoS a smaller site. Somebody probably just sent a few bitcoin to some hacker who set a script running that goes out to thousands of infected PCs and then starts hammering 3DX with requests and bringing it to its knees. Could be some disgruntled former member, a shady competitor, or just some random who noticed a weakness and exploited it just because they can for shits and giggles. Some people just like to watch the world burn.
  11. Mulan


    DDoS attacks can last anywhere from minutes to days. Or they last 24 hours, stop, wait a few days and attack again. Even if the DDoS attacks have stopped it still makes sense to work on the servers and client to take preventative measures, otherwise in a few days we will just have the exact same situation. I would prefer the servers stay offline for longer with a more long term fix than just rushing the game back as soon as the DDoS attacks stop momentarily. Also, the changes to the server may also require a patch for the game so that the game works with the new server config, so there are many factors to consider. I can only hope that the wait is worth it and the game is more resilient to future DDoS attacks, which will only get more frequent as the game grows in popularity and becomes a bigger target. Also, keep in mind, 3DX is a small development team. They don’t have 24/7 server admins who gets paid $100k’s a year whose sole job it is to keep the likes of Microsoft and Sony up and running.
  12. I am aware of limits to how many messages you can post and how many reactions you can send, but not of just reading. Cloudflare is probably keeping track of IP addresses and if the same IP address visits the same site too many times then it blocks it even if it is a legitimate user. DDoS attacks usually make use of infected computers around the world which then send tens or hundreds of thousands of requests to a specific site which then gets overloaded with requests. One way to try and slow a DDoS attack is the block IP addresses that are making a large amount of requests, the only problem with this is that you can also block legitimate users.
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