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It Toke to long for me to make a comment about this new update, because i'm the kind of person who prefer to give opinions on things i know, instead of having my feets on air thinking "how this is gonn be" so i do it now... ;)


First of all, ths update, as many ppl told before, "release the responsability" on the developing team on the creation of the massive tons of things we ask..

"ppl wants grottos, ppl wants forests.. ppl wants parks.. dugeons, BDSM clubes... castles, masive neighborhood enviroments... blah blah blah..."... :P


If we want some.. WE CAN MAKE IT NOW!... ^_^ 


so, from the deep of my heart.. Thank You.. and...



you just did something not just "Epic" but REVOLUTIONARY in the 3DX world


And in my point of view, this is just the beggining, past posts like "furnitures and props, locations (and ideas to expand them).. will be forgotten, instead of new posts of ppl sharing what the did, in pictures or even to downoad the file (for the lazy ones... :P), Allowing the USER CONTENT to be shared with everyone without an increase of the subscription price or having to pay extra "in game golds" for that..


SO.. creativity cannot be represed... since the first Dll apeared, pals like Pierrous or Nini, was making great creative and original adaptations in their rooms, for brothels, chapels or clubes, and instead of taking them off, you guys give everyone the chance to make it here...GREAT!


Next Logic Step?...


Maybe inside the game, a friendly program like the Gizmo's to make new desings inside the dressing room... so, over the shape of the Male/Female body apply a texture, give it shape and form, finish your dress, shoes, jacket, hat, suit... whatever.... and PAY with golds (to motivate the good desings) to upload the piece to the game and allow everyone to see your original desings... also saving it in a separated file in your PC to "share it or sell it appart".. what you guys say?




same as above... Allow 10 empty buttons to each pose...

download it from the page or INSIDE THE GAME... and "modificate it" with another editor to create NEW ORIGINAL sub-animations/actions per pose, move one leg here.. one arme there.. save it in an empty button and BAM you can spank now... move the belly up.. move it down.. and BAM you can shake and convulse when you squirt in another... 

And you will be the only one having it..(like your house)

But uploading it to the game, your sexual partner will be able to perform it with you... would be like "everybody's unique tecnique"... and will give a chance to the ones who only wants sex to make the game the way the want... Dominaton?.. BDSM?.. Spanks? Pets?... will be done for the interested ones...

also will satisfy the "subanimations request too... ;)


One per Year?...You may Think about it... :D


And that's it!,

Thank you so much guys and keep up the great work!!!...

Hug's & Kisses 4U all... ^_^

that post was December 5th 2017 :) lets see if this december 2018 1 year later if we get sex pose editor  :D 

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I somehow think we would have been seeing some pre-release announcements by now if that was going to be the case. So whilst it might be on your Christmas Wish List, I kinda think Santa won't be bringing that particular gift. And that suggests you weren't a good girl this year .

lol i had my bitch moments but generaly i was good :)

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