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should people who openly use Pandora be banned



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  1. 1. should people who openly use Pandora be banned

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    • no

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And again as usual SBM judging others about morality, honesty etc etc, and not realizing he is the most dishonest, immoral, with no rights to judge anyone but hims self really. a newbie to the game, and a complete Noob to gaming for all I can see. who loves to start fights with others, and when things does't go his way he starts calling for Admins to delete the posts, and he starts reporting people for trolling him etc etc...


  We all agreed to the game policies and rules when we signed op, so just roll with them, stop whining Pandora users should be banned with out warning. Period.

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Here's the problem, you would have to prove someone used Pandora. Anyone can claim they used it openly but that doesn't mean they did, you need tangible proof, like an IP address showing that the person accessed the site... since the website Pandora is run on the onion browser and all IP addresses are masked, you can and will never be able to prove anyone accessed it.... so stop bitching.

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SBM  the proof is irrelevant in this case because you admitted the crime, in several occasions, and according to laws in most countries of the world including yours. and as I do understand you are a US resident which makes this actually a Federal crime considering you admitted stalking some one through illegal means  for your own gaining, and if I recall right it is a grave felony that can give you a nice vacation behind bars, so when ever you get caught  pls do drop the soap.   :D  :lol:

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