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3DXChat Snapshot Contest - December 2016 - Holidays!


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3DXChat Snapshot Contest - December 2016

Dear friends, we want to start a monthly 3DXChat Snapshot Contest. Post beautiful snapshots here and get prizes.


Theme for this month is: Holidays

Other pictures are allowed, just know that you are way more likely to win if you stick to the theme!


The winners will be picked by 4 judges that have been selected by me, i have done my best to make sure they are all from different "parts" of the game, they each get 6 votes(3 for the non edited photos and 3 for the photoshop photos)


Any questions you might have about the competition, feel free to send them to me in a pm(http://3dxforum.com/...omMemberID=4467), please do not post anything but pictures here, thanks!


  • Post your snapshots in this topic - only 1 snapshot per post
  • 1 snapshot from 1 member per day (you can post 1 snapshot every day)
  • Photoshop is allowed
  • In your post, mention any edits you might have made to your photo if any


  • Non edited photos (Black and white filter, Cropping, Minor light adjustments, text etc...)
  • First Place - 10,000 XGold
  • Second Place - 7,000 XGold
  • Third Place - 5,000 XGold
  • Edited photos (Anything you can imagine!)
  • First Place - 10,000 XGold
  • Second Place - 7,000 XGold
  • Third Place - 5,000 XGold


  • Run the game (and the patcher) as administrator but first add the game (and the patcher) to the exception list of your firewall and antivirus.
  • Use the [Print Screen] key on your keyboard to make a snapshot (it will be saved to the '3DXChat/Screenshots' folder)
  • Use these hotkeys: [shift + Z] to hide GUI; [shift + X] for a Depth of field FX;

Good Luck!

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So I'm very new and I might be doing this wrong!  Do let me know, just don't be too mean about it lol


Okay, so I started taking some fun pics of especially fun 'sessions', and I found some that I liked for this thread.  I I have zero photoshop skills so the edits are these:  Polaroid look and text using Picasa, and pasted together into one single image.


Gondwana 'helped' me out here so in the very distant chance that we win anything at all, even a pity prize, I'd like it split between us if possible  ;)  Though as you can tell these are rather candid shots, hence the polaroid look.


Lastly, I couldn't settle on a title so here's all the ones I thought up during lunch! lol


Are You Getting What You Want This Christmas?

Don't Tell My Boyfriend

Unwrap Some Fun


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