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Guest Hysteria

So I'm not to sure where I should post this, here or the open section...but since this is art an stuff I'll go for here. So I know there are a few artist here and its always great to share some stuff an see other peoples styles. So how about some of you amazing artist post a drawing or two. I'll post some of my crap over the last few years, an I look forward to seeing some of your great works :P


So the first two are from when I spent some time in North Carolina trying to fix my broken head. I do lots of landscapes an these was some great views here.


Next is Afro Samurai.


After that is my all time favorite painting I have ever done, it may not look good but it's very special to me.  I did this when I was in high school, we was asked to close our eyes then paint what we see. I got into a lot of trouble for this painting lol.


Then we got Clown from Spawn.


And finally my all time favorite character ever from any show I've ever seen...VEGETA DBZ!!! I think when I was a young girl he was the only guy I had a crush on lol, his growth over the years gave me hope that I wouldn't always be so consumed with hate an rage.


Well there is some of my crap, hope you guys don't barf to much :)

Thanks for looking.







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Haven't really done digital art or anything in a long time. Though I did do my first 3D model as a xmas present for my parents this year. Which I still don't like how that came out ...


None of these images are public domain. Don't copy without my permission or I'll slap you =)




This is one I did of a friend. One of my very first ones I ever did. Sadly she died over xmas. God rest your soul sweetheart. I miss you.
















And my first 3D model. Its very basic =/




Ohhh wanted to add I did "attempt" to get a tablet my bestie bought it. Though had so many issues with it hating my computer that I just returned it. Though still think I might get into it again a lil.

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Guest FranckMaster

This is some painting that I make at my college.







This is my favorite one! Just to give you a idea... It takes me over 72 hours to make this one.

Principaly because it is really big!!!


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One piece of the five, from my latest exhibition:) (200 cm X 110 cm, wood, acrylic )





And sometimes during the university , i was being a bad boy :)) but pssstt






I got hundreds of paintings, cuz i used to be doing it properly, as an art-student at university. Had some exhibitons too, but now im in a pause :o

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Hello!  I'm new here so I thought I would upload a photoshopped image of a screen capture from another game I play, of a custom model I made.  I hope to get this game in the next month or so, when my tax refund check arrives.  Please feel free to critique.


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