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    I like: honest / balanced people, integrity, loyalty, openness, passion, music, nature, malamutes, wolves, traveling, karate, art, literature, psychology, ancient architecture, RPG (PC, paper), SF, an assumed sexuality, credible RP, D/s games & true codes of bdsm, shibari and... Ask for the rest :P

    I don't like: assholes / shitheads / liars / mythomaniacs / mysogines / profiteers, condescension, stupidity, mind games, people who believe in gossip.Ask for the rest too :P

    "La médisance et la calomnie sont les vices des petits esprits, des gens oisifs et stériles en bonnes choses : c'est une bassesse d'âme, qui est toujours la marque d'un cœur lâche, et d'un esprit tordu."
    Citation d'Etienne François de Vernage ; Maximes et réflexions (1690).

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  1. Un joyeux anniversaire Rukkya, je te souhaite une magnifique journée pleine de belles surprises . Gros bisous
  2. Happy birthday Lady Extreme ( ), I wish you a lovely day
  3. Happy birthday Miss Kimba, a wonderful day to you
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFDcoX7s6rE
  5. It's normal because you've block him from the world/local chan (i think^^).
  6. I agree ---> Yes n°51.
  7. Elric

    Merging Topics

    Sure, it's a very good idea.
  8. Thank you very much MrAsh to accept this task at the service of all players here. I wish you good luck in this mission, I hope that everyone will respect you here because you are a great guy. We will try to be nice to you, I promise .
  9. Elric

    Say Hello!

    Welcome to all newcomers
  10. The best room to be when we are not in private . Enjoy
  11. For me too atm
  12. Topic here (p 11 and more) : http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/1081-bug-reports/page-11
  13. A problem for many people (server issue?). Take a look here (p 11-12) : http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/1081-bug-reports/page-11
  14. Samething here and for some other frenchies atm (Orange, free). Was ok fort me this morning IG, but dc and now unable to load my character.
  15. Another sad new here . This little angel rest in peace now. Condolences and all my thoughts to her family and friends. Sorry for your loss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiPgqvPdJT0
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