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I will be brief.


I am bored, and I grew tired of Erdrick no longer working on his art thread.  I have decided to continue in his stead, at least until he finishes his "rehabilitation training."  I will do this until I tire of it.


Before you ask, I don't charge and am not getting paid for this, so don't give me crap about any clothing/poses/etc I use that were paid for.


I will not organize the way Erdrick did, at least not now.  You can go here for the archive:


his thread:


It is time a proper authority was in charge.  All will fall into place as it should be:


{from left to right} Sengi-my court mage, Rochi-my spy and burglar, Shanti and Lexii-they are undergoing "loyalty training", Me, Venom-my concubine, Camden-my personal assistant, Felicity-my muscle and bodyguard, Erdrick-dont worry about him, hes not important




If you have a request, you know how to find me.

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Great art <3, looking forward to seeing more



Just between us, I didnt like him anyway *coughs* :lol: (fine I'm jk, or am I ? ^_^ )


 You do not like Erdrick?  Oh, he doesn't matter.  I have forgotten about him already.  I only remember he needs food when he rattles the cage enough.


I suggest that you drink that drink very quickly. It is your favorite.



Great work <3


Yes, your attempts at poison are humorous.  This is why you are my assistant, you think like me more than most.

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I came across Pashion the other day.  She manages to make Hot Pink and Bright Green work together, a very rare talent:






Ohmagawdddddd I'm outa likes. i will like as soon as I get another one!!!!


I absolutely love it and I so greatly appreciate what u have done. You are truly talented. Again thankyou soo frikkern much!!!!

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I prefer my subjects to at least have a base level of training in stealth, subterfuge, and combat.  Having followers that can spy and kill effectively are quite useful.


I decided to put a few of them under a rigorous training course.








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