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Issue with Forever Glow Stick Color Dance Trails...


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Sorry, but the comparison with the clothes lags. It is not more intolerant than to complain about glare from oncoming headlights that are not dimmed on the street. And reading the initial post on this thread it starts with "Just saying ...." 

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On 10/27/2022 at 7:42 PM, AIice said:

Why so intolerant?!


What's next? Complaining about others' clothes?


Anyway you can always ignore half the game.

Sorry Alice, guess my thought was more an overall Dev type thought in this forum thread... Nothing intolerant about it really.

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🇫🇷 Bonsoir tout le monde,

Peut-être qu'il faudrait un compromis ?
Il y a des gens, qui aiment ce nouvel accessoire. Il y a beaucoup de groupes de danses, qui l'utilisent pour les effets. D'autres, qui trouvent cela amusant, joli, et bien entendu, d'autres qui n'aiment pas et qui trouvent cela agressif pour les yeux, surtout dans un environnement sombre.
Peut être qu'un curseur de paramètre de luminosité, pour le porteur, serait une solution ?
Cela fonctionnerait comme ceci :
Vous allez dans votre garde robe, > accessoires, vous mettez votre bâton brillant, vos traînées.
En choisissant l'option : traînée, vous avez un curseur qui apparait, et vous pouvez régler l'intensité de la brillance. Partant du principe que le max, c'est ce qui existe déjà.
Ainsi je pense que tout le monde y trouverait son compte ? 🤔


🇺🇸 Good evening everyone,

Maybe there should be a compromise?
There are people, who like this new accessory. There are a lot of dance groups that use it for effects. Others, who find it fun, pretty, and of course, others who don't like it and find it aggressive to the eyes, especially in a dark environment.
Maybe a brightness setting slider, for the wearer, would be a solution?
It would work like this:
You go to your wardrobe, > accessories, put on your glow stick, your streaks.
By choosing the option: drag, you have a slider that appears, and you can adjust the intensity of the brightness. Assuming that the max is what's already there.
So I think that everyone would find his account there ? 🤔

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why not add the feature in the clickbox to turn it off ... same way as you turn the colored names on or off
Should be just a minor addition to the game engine and everybody is free to do as he likes




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