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Currently the system is in test phase. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Go to https://music.3dxchat-status.com
  2. Register an account (no worries, no e-mail verification required)
  3. Get a YouTube URL from a song you want to get played ( youtube.com or youtu.be/watch?v=xxxx)
  4. Queue it and wait until it's your turn
  5. The YouTube song will get played in the Saloon

Your song can be introduced in 3 ways:

  1. You can come up with a custom phrase, it'll get pronounced by an A.I. voice just before your song starts
  2. You can record a sample with your microphone, it'll get played before your song starts
  3. If you don't do any of the above, the song will be played after an A.I. saying "This song is requested by $nickname"

Right now it's not certain how and if this system will get implemented, @Gizmo picked the Saloon for this test phase.

Good to know

  • You can queue YouTube videos of 5 minutes tops
  • You can queue two songs max
  • Troll songs or non-music videos will get removed from the queue when noticed
  • You can delete your own queue entries with the little garbage bin icon
  • Sometimes preparing YouTube video's fails: You can retry, sometimes it works the second time. You'll get a notification when that happens.



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1 hour ago, ☙𝔼𝕩❧ said:

I like the idea. What does the troll songs mean? 

If people request “never gonna give you up”, queue non-music videos, I mean, my system doesn’t know if it’s a music video or not. So far people are behaving though. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I added some features the past few days:

  • Added AI welcome announcement for newly registered users
  • Added "longer song tokens" (you get it every 4 hours, which allows you to queue a song up to 8 minutes)
  • Added statistics: Users registered/active/logged in, songs played/queued, listeners, top artists, top users
  • Added artist metadata throughout the system
  • Changed URL's (eg. nice profile link)
  • Added user settings page (Gender is the only setting right now)
  • Added a minimum length of 1 minute for videos
  • Added last seen on user profile



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  • 2 weeks later...

New release today :)

  • New "now playing" widget, including time progress
  • Added top lists for artists and users limited to past week
  • Added all time and weekly ranking on user profiles
  • Added estimated queue time
  • Added "Fans" to Top artists
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  • 1 month later...

New release today!

  • Implemented a like system
    You can press the thumbs up symbol while a song is played.
    The user who queued the song receives a like. The song itself receives a like. The artist receives a like.
    Hover the like amount during the song is playing to see who liked it
    Visit the Liked Songs page to view the songs you have liked
  • Implemented a new statistic: like amount
  • Implemented a new statistic: queue length
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Aaaand another feature people have been asking about:

  • Implemented a variable queue limit per person:
    - If you're the only one queuing songs, you can queue up to 4 songs now
    - If it's you and another person, each of you can queue up to 3 songs now
    - If there are three or more people queuing songs, everyone can queue up to 2 songs
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3 hours ago, NoirDesire said:

That´s a great feature @ColinDude  - thank you so much for your efforts...  I just think the limit of 5 minutes is to hard .... and the longer song token ... is to strict... but I don´t know the background for the limits ofc.

Thanks for your feedback!

The reasoning behind this is mainly the amount of time someone has to wait before his/her song is played.

With the maximum queue size of 10, the maximum theoretical waiting time is already 50 minutes. And this is excluding the use of longer song tokens.

When I raise the maximum song length to 8 minutes altogether, the potential waiting time increases to 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is way too long..


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  • 4 months later...

@ColinDude Can you please add a limit on the number of songs one person can request every day? There's a couple of trolls ruining the saloon for everyone else. And I mean it, I'm super cereal. All the saloon people I know are sick of those dickheads...

Now, how many songs would a normal person request in a day, maximum? 20? 25? It's already a lot of music. One person alone would have fun for more than 2 hours and a couple could play 50 songs together, enough to party all night long...

This limit wouldn't solve the problem completely, but at least it would prevent trolls from occupying the saloon player 24/7 with random (and often deliberately annoying) music.

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Maybe removing some statistics would be useful too. People would request songs because they really want to listen to them, and not just to become the most prolific requester or the one with more likes... These charts are always funny and interesting until the usual mini-dick comes in and perverts them. It happens all the time, everywhere there's a chart... sad but inevitable. Well, maybe this is too much, but the daily limit is really necessary.

Edited by Alan Erchiagrossa
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  • 4 weeks later...
On 9/6/2022 at 11:27 PM, MrsTenchu said:

In response to your alleged allegations Alan and after trying to speak with you in Saloon Which was met with a mouth full of abuse  ( which has been copied along with this post of your allegations ). You leave myself No other choice to seek Legal advice. 

Haha, sure, I'm patiently waiting to be contacted by your lawyer. I better call Saul Goodman asap...

More seriously, you poisoned the saloon with your attitude and nobody can stand you. Nobody. How this doesn't raise any doubts in your mind is beyond my comprehension... If I were despised by everyone else, I'd start questioning my behaviour... but you do you.

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Maybe A Gentle Reminder of Saloon Rules May be of help to you 

1. Only use the System for Music. Any other type of YouTube Video is prohibited

2. Don't play the same song more than once in a short timeframe

3. Don't be hateful towards others in your text - to - speech messages. Or audio messages 


More Seriously You continue to make these allegations with no proof, I'm quite sure YOU do not speak for every player on the game. Nor do you RESPECT THE MUSICAL TASTE OF OTHERS. 

The Saloon is a room for everybody along with use of player. Not just for yourself and your friends to Abuse others with foul mouthed rants because you do not like the music they are playing. 




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First of all I am not getting into personal vendetta's or other allegations.

Secondly, the queue system works as intended. Of course I see a few people are responsible for the majority of the songs played. But nothing is stopping the other players of queuing songs themselves.

All music is allowed to be queued. The only exception is it has to be music. We will take actions if we see a specific user request something else than music (I saw videos with sex sounds before, as an example: That is obviously not allowed).


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