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Has world space grown, performance problems?

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A wonderful good day everyone!

I have a question about the size of rooms, I have constantly expanded my room and never created a new one, of course the content of the room has grown very large.

Can this cause performance problems? Since it seems to me that the room jerks a little sometimes.

The saved file is now approx. 4 Mbytes.

I thank you in advance for your answer. 🙏

Kisses Sakura 

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47 minutes ago, Diana Prince said:

Hallo Sakura,

unser New Yorker Raum ist über 8 MB groß. Wir verwenden jedoch nicht viele Effekte wie Rauch / Wasser / reflektierende Oberflächen. Dies sind die Engpässe, nicht die Größe des Raums.
Sie haben nur etwas längere Ladezeiten. Aber sobald Sie im Raum sind, ist es in Ordnung.

Thank you very much, dear Wonder Woman, for the quick feedback.

If your NY room is public, I would like to go there to see if there are any problems for me there as well. When are you online?

I have now tested the following in my large room with the task manager:
In the large room: 3DXChat.exe = CPU 30%, RAM 2.1GB, 99% -100% GPU
In the character editor: 3DXChat.exe = CPU 8%, RAM 1.75GB, 96% -99% GPU
All graphics settings on low: 3DXChat.exe = CPU 5%, RAM 1.6GB, 76% -78% GPU

Maybe something is wrong with my hardware or software or are these normal values?




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i will say it just once the room file size Ofc has a big impact and its not only on loading times 

with games real time rendering the more objects you have the more the engine has to work meaning the more ur pc has to work ^^ 

i dont know who is telling you file size doesnt matter but its far from the truth when you have file size u also have object count(prims props ) and all those objects require resources making ur gpu and cpu work harder to the point of L A G :) 

with that being said happy building :) 

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5 hours ago, Diana Prince said:

that's true Alivia, but it's a difference between our 8 MB New York room that consists mostly of concrete, stone or asphalt objects and an 8 MB room full of reflecting objects with smoke, fire and other effects. These effects put a heavy load on the GPU. Best seen in smoke or waterfalls.

yes ofc smoke and fire is a killer  but 8mb is so very much 😁 

personaly depending the use if room is for everyone and expecting 100+ then my ceiling is 450 kb :) if its just for  5-7 friends in private then ill go to like max 1 mb 

Ofc im talking playing on extreme high settings in 1920 x1080 or 4k resolution  depending the monitor i use .

those file size combine smooth awesome game experience  while not stressing my pc while keeping my pc temps below 50  and ofc having constant 55-60 fps so i dont get dizzy while move my camera if im getting 5-10 fps lol ..

If players play on low settings and tons play on low due to low end pc they have  then there is no conversation cause low settings beats the purpose of a detailed room cause on low u dont see any details but  u see tetris :) 

So my suggestions is for the best possible game experience playing on extreme high settings and keeping ur pc cool same time without overworking it 

and yes ur correct on reflective surfaces that are more heavy ..and i will add to what u said  the ..Multi propcustom objects ...say u made a table with 5 props and with 50  in the same file size room the 5 prop table will be easier cause engine need to calculate all objects in order to cast shadows etc more objects more calculations means more time means more slow .

So with that being said my own personal rooms that i spend many hours there i keep them simple ..i mean its a porn game not the  Louvre Museum :)  needs a balance ...

if ppl order me 50 mb room ofc i will build them but i will tell them the cons  .

anyways whatever ppl feel comfortable                 


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8 hours ago, MeiLing said:

Hi Sakura

What do you mean by "jerks"?

Have you tried to remove duplicate objects?


Hello MeiLing my dear,

my English is not as good as you know and I have to rely on the translator too often, "jerks" probably won't be the appropriate word. I would like to state that the game has brief dropouts and does not work properly.

Thank you very much for the link, yes I know I have duplicate objects in the room and will edit them with the tool, I didn't know the website yet, I am thrilled with everything that is there.

Kisses Sakura 

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the issues with room size in kbs is not what it used to be pre 64- bit anymore.
I have had rooms with 2.5+ mbs getting filled with as much as 140 people and non complained what so ever about lag.
on the opposite side of the spectrum you can have a 500 kbs room with crazy amount of light sources/animated objects and glowing things, and it will kill performance. 
ofc all that is when it comes to relatively modern builds 2-4 years old things.
if the person is running an 8 years old machine or so, that is another story.

also the degree of what causes lag and what doesn't will differ from build to build, depending on the architecture of the cpu and the gpu.
high core count vs high clock speed thing.

a cpu with low core count/ high clock speed, will tend to have less problems with the size of the room when it comes to pure kilo bytes but will show performance loss when it comes to animated objects, reflections and light sources...
while a cpu with high core count/ lower core clock, will be the opposite... 
ofc all that is not taking into account the gpu... but 3dx is largely a cpu bound game anyways.

also one last thing... there are three different ranges of which the engine handles rendering. you can have a room with as much as 10 mega bytes and it wont show any lagging at all as long as things are spread out over a large surface area and not everything condensed in the high/medium quality render range.

thanks ;)

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If i were you i would switch 60FPS to 30. The change is unnoticeable when you look at the game but really change things regarding performances.

Also on huge map the distance between objects is really important as the game only render the closest items.

If you let some space between two buildings, the game will behave better.

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