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could not connect to the server

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I don’t want to discredit or minimize what others have said or the feelings they have expressed. Your thoughts and options are valid. These are merely my thoughts based on what has been posted on this

You think I'm trying too often?

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Yes Yes Yes
- work will be completed soon
- we are on the way to completing work
- we are about to complete the work
- we almost turn on the server
- we turned on the server but it turned out that this is an old server
- in order to launch a new north you need to wait a little longer
- oh hell this is new DDoS
- (here is the graphic from the paint editor)
- Sorry, we are working to ensure your access to the game as soon as possible
- Our work will be completed soon and we will do it quickly, we hope that in the evening you will be in the game, perhaps on the evening of Friday August 2035

fucking ... seriously?

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Just now, Cody said:

It would be really nice to know which goal she was talking about.. or atleast and eta for when we will be able to play again..


I think she talk of new server....

And YES, we need ETA.

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1 minute ago, Lullaby said:

I don’t believe a single word ... at the time of instagrams and tweeters ... yes, you can even upload videos of works to the network

Yeah, live stream at work and then accidentally show confidential or personal info on a screen in the background and get buried under EU privacy charges. Seems like a great plan.

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