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  1. well as the designing here is made of sculpting on a avatar model....in a 3D design program.... a person would have to have the correct avatar 3D model to put into the 3D designing program to sculpt and design on to fit the clothing and such to where it will work on the avatars in the world...and whatever else is needed to do successful designing for here....
  2. maybe in the near future we will have designing tools available to us where people that know how to design can share their designs with everyone or even animations and furniture and objects and clothing and even new places and locations and such I have to agree a lot of help can make this social game grow as more stuff and places that people can enjoy and if that happends I would be still glad to help make clothing and such for here for people to enjoy.... I am excited for all what is to come to 3dxchat....and I still enjoy it and getting to hangout with people I know here and meet new people....so we all can still enjoy it and look forward to what is to come....As a avatar graphic designer I know it takes a lot of work and time and thought for all of the work that goes into this social game to be made and be successful....
  3. I would like to see more character creation options such as face enhancers and more faces options.....more clothing.... and accessories such as jewelery....hats....shoes....hairstyles.... also more for our personal homes such as bigger places and more furniture, objects would be cool..... more cuddle poses is always good.....and some more social actions and expressions non- sexual that we can interact with other people with.....also more sounds or voice expressions both when in sex and also non-sexual ones to interact with other people would be nice....more public locations we can hangout at would be good....I am happy to be a member of 3dxchat and enjoy it....and I'm excited of the new updates to come.... just putting in what I think would be Awesome to see here.....
  4. The one who made this post....happens to be one of my best friend's here....and one of the funnest and nicest person.....keep on ROCKIN Briana!.....
  5. About designer kits....yes that's what I was asking about in the post I made to this topic.....as myself of having expierence in avatar design....and others that can design stuff for avatars.... we would still need access to the design tools and more information about it..... so we can help to make content for here...and to make it correctly for this virtual world....
  6. I have a question about creating user content.... as ash said the designs can be drawn and painted in gimp or photoshop....I have always designed with gimp of making stuff for avatars.... and have had to use uv mesh maps to go by to make sure it fits the avatar correctly and to design properly.....wouldent we need models/maps to go by to design clothing ect for here as well to make sure we design it correctly....but the devs only have that I think.....Just trying to learn more about it as I have expierence and would love to make content for here as well....
  7. This is a good idea twiggy.... if it can be programmed into the game....that way everyone can share their unique style of fashion with others....I'm sure a lot of members here have a wonderful style in fashion that they would like to share with everyone here in the game....
  8. I am excited to see all the updates that we have gotten for our rooms.....and the upcoming updates for our rooms....also other upcoming updates.... I know it takes a lot of work and some time....But just wanted to say thank you to the devs.....
  9. i have 5 years of expierence in avatar design such as clothing and other designs as hair styles and such.....I have talked to Lisa about helping make content for the game and have shown her some of my work.....though the avatar designs I have done are different then how content is created for here......I feel that I can help make content for here.....I understand the sculpting and design process that needs to be done to make content for here.....but I would need the program and information and stuff to make content for here.....I am still interested in helping make content for here and would like to help 3dxchat in that way.....just let me know the process of getting the program and information to make content for here....and I would be happy to help.... Sweetapril
  10. Happy Birthday Twiggy! And Thank you so much for being a awesome friend to me.... you are a wonderful person....and I'm glad that we are friends here
  11. Congrats Mael and Justa.....Hugs
  12. A country club and maybe could add country dance/couple dance animations for people ....A rock music venue club...I really like everyone else's ideas here too
  13. more long length hairstyles choices for ladies
  14. More tops and dresses with patterns for Ladies, crop tank tops for ladies that come down over the bust area, Decorated Denim shorts and jeans and skirts with choice of colors, more ankle boots, knee boots,heels corsets with patterns, more pattern skirts, more pattern choices in the knee high stockings with choice of colors,decorated bustier bra like tops, hair accessories like vintage flower and rose hair clips and head bands type, hats, more jewelery ,sneakers and maybe some knee high type sneaker boots, rockabilly clothing,punk clothing, vintage clothing, casual clothing,and also leggings with patterns and choices of colors....just a few ideas
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