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    AndjelaPet reacted to Laney in BBC gangbang   
    Ha! Hun, if you don't enjoy pleasing the girl it is by definition you who is "super gayish". LOL! Of course, not that it matters if you're gay. In all sincerity my best advice to you is to just embrace it and stop attacking women who will obviously never please you.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Tracer in (3DX CHAT DEVS) why are we not getting answers from the devs for these random bans or blocks   
    yes I am.thank you . but is it OK that i have a different opinion without that you question my sanity or mental health? Is my opinion no less valid than yours?
    EVERYONE I KNOW is happy world chat is cleaned up. EVERYONE I know hated how ridiculous it was before. This thread has lots of people complaining about how draconian the response was from the devs. But would anything less have worked? Polite pleading obviously didn't work. 
    I think this thread has a very very vocal and belligerent minority forming a kind of echo chamber and trying to proclaim this as some horrible action taken by a powermad dev team. Some of the comments here are frankly unrepeatable and borderline personal abuse towards the devs as far as I'm concerned. Again: just my opinion.
    But for the record I personally think that a clampdown and cleanup was an entirely reasonable and long overdue action against people who persisted and persisted in the face of vocal opposition from the majority of players.
    Many many players have been blocking World chat spammers - and that is detrimental to the entire community. 
    But to be clear: This is only my opinion. I don't think Im sick for expressing it. I don't think its a particularly hostile or extreme opinion.
    Let me ask You a question ☙𝔼𝕩❧.. Is it OK that there are more than one side and one opinion to this thing?
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Tracer in (3DX CHAT DEVS) why are we not getting answers from the devs for these random bans or blocks   
    World chat is so clean now -  Its so much better. Its not perfect but at least its a channel i can look at without my eyes bleeding.
    I understand people are upset at the way it was cleaned up _ but honestly I think some of the worst offenders really didn't understand how bad it had become to try and use world chat for anything (Finding someone I got dc'd from or checking where people are or just generally talking to people).
    And also what you all seem to forget is that we were TRYING to ask people to stop spamming.. there was daily drama in the chat where people were trying to be polite and ask people to not spam every 3 seconds.. and being blocked or just insulted. It got to the point that the very subject of spam was its own drama.
    And finally when people started spamming using alts - so the same flashy box popped up again again again again again..in between another and another again again again again...
    I think 36 hour ban is more than reasonable for that. I'm glad you were stopped. I'm glad you were punished. Kudos to the devs.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to NicholasP in (3DX CHAT DEVS) why are we not getting answers from the devs for these random bans or blocks   
    The reason they don't lose a load of members is that generally the game is good and it's good value for money, other games are much more expensive to play.The number of people getting upset about an issue such as this one is minimal.
    I think you will find that most games' rules are vague, they allow a lot to be left up to interpretation. It's a common complaint everywhere.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to MidnightMist in (3DX CHAT DEVS) why are we not getting answers from the devs for these random bans or blocks   
    Rather than dissecting what is and what isn’t “advertising” why not just play it safe and not post anything in world chat which makes people aware that your room is open, like every host has stopped doing and not getting banned, yet there are a couple who continue to post about their club in world chat and surprised they get banned again?
    We can have some discussions about how much of an actual impact that advertising in world chat actually has anyway. Or whether there should be a separate chat channel for just advertising. Or maybe they should just get rid of world chat all together.
    They added the 60 second rule to try and stop spam. Even after that I still see people posting ads every 60 seconds, or worse, friends getting around the 60 second rule by a group of friends posting on each other’s behalf. Unfortunately, not everyone is respectful and end up ruining the experience for everyone else which is why we have these rules. Given the sheer volume of messages, it is easier to ban everyone who breaks the rules rather than judging each one on a case by case basis, which is also largely subjective.
    @PERL try to stick to topic. This is about bans, not about bugs, which I fully agree with you are not acceptable, but that is for another topic.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Xizl in Leash Laws   
    They were doing the same after adding a slapping pose in the game.
    But I doubt any of them actually canceled their sub because of it. Just made some angry posts on forum, like always. And pose still widely in use. Saw several times girl slapping boys as well 
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Jada Sinns in Leash Laws   
    There probably would be but I didn't think it would just be women wearing a leash.  Don't you want to be a good boy @R0bT and get belly rubs?
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Jada Sinns in Leash Laws   
    Well pets and slaves are types of subs.  The word sub is a catch all term for this kind of sexual play.  At least that's my understanding after reading up on the subject.
    I should also add, I am by no means an expert on BDSM.  I've only accepted the fact that I am a submissive person recently.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Jada Sinns in Leash Laws   
    Who else would love to have a leash attached to their collar so their Dom/Master/Mistress can led them around?  I can't be the only sub who enjoys going on a walk.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Xizl in Pm chat between active users in 3dx platform and users logged into some form of chat app not in 3dx game platform   
    My words probably will sound harsh, but whatever, I don't know how to say what I want to say and do not make it sound harsh.
    I think that the whole idea of making a separate chat app for 3dxchat is pretty much worthless. 
    Why? Because this is A LOT of work. Even if devs will fix all glitches, fix servers, game will be all nice and stable... EVEN then making such an app makes no sense. All these time can be invested in improving the game. Pose editor, hair editor, clothes editor, better face/body customization, flaccid/hard cocks, piercings, mini games, tons of other stuff. 
    Want to chat with your friends outside of the game? Use discord. Don't like discord? Already using discord for your rl activities and don't want to give it to your peeps in 3dxchat? Use ANY other app, there are dozens of them.
    What the point of spending days and weeks or even months on making an almost useless chat app? Better just work on the game.  
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    AndjelaPet reacted to AndroidGirl in Roleplay focused rooms?   
    if you like scifi RP, try Coriolis :)
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Aliviax in Sex positions   
    we need lap dance poses also 
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Granito in Sex positions   
    This 😊

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    AndjelaPet reacted to LadyOscar in Sex positions   

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    AndjelaPet reacted to LadyOscar in Sex positions   
    er ... this would be much appreciated ... 🤭

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    AndjelaPet reacted to Xizl in BBC gangbang   
    So now you are kink-shaming on the sex game's forum? You decided to take a place of local forum bully and troll? Very decent, or should I better say "dignified", way to spend your time.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Jada Sinns in BBC gangbang   
    IKushiel I don't even know where to began with your post.  As you said "dont see the sense" in a gang bang fantasy and that's fine.  You don't have to understand a kink/fantasy other people may have.  If it's not your cup of tea then you don't have to partake, no one is forcing you to.  I do wonder why you are in a gang bang topic though if you don't like the idea of a gang bang, Lol.  As for saying that "getting dominated by a horde of people is like a contradiction" it isn't for me.  For me that's the dream  
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Nemira in New Poses   
    So, I have a few Ideas for sex poses I would like to see.
    But if we could get a variation of squat fuck pose that's for the table added to the bed. And have the girls thrust all the way down as well, I can understand why it may have been done it the way it is, as the legs maybe clipped into each other too much. but I really want that squat fuck pose to go all the way down on the dick.
    So here are some poses I would like to see
    Reach around handjob/fingering or rubbing
    And these:

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    AndjelaPet reacted to Nemira in Have I Reached My Best Used By Date?   
    I may do my sexy stuff mainly with men, but in my experience a lot of people like oral. It does depend on the person however, some only like to start with a little oral, and some just like to skip straight to the fucking. I think the ratio is pretty evenly spread, but it also depends on the rooms that you go to. But I also think everyone should be prepared to meet their partners in the middle. In my opinion though you're totally fine, I don't think you're in danger of being boring. Just make it known in your profile what you're preferences are. I find that when you do that, more of the people that want to partner with you are of the same mind, or at least aware of what you like.
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    AndjelaPet reacted to Mirani in Roleplay focused rooms?   
    So I really like role playing in this game. Not just sex stuff, but with other people in general. However I feel like most rooms that are up, people just want to hang out dancing to music (nothing wrong with that), cold the hell out of me, or talk out of character, even trying to bring up RL stuff. I tried Aidra's sperm clinic, and the role play with the "staff" was good, however the guys that come there seemed more like the type I would find in a colds room. So far I've only found the 69th precinct room to be the type I'm looking for, however I was wondering if there were rooms that maybe I was missing. Anyone know of any other rooms that are role play focused?
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    AndjelaPet reacted to LizzyLone in Pole dance & lap dance   
    Can we get a few more pole dances please and thank you.

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    AndjelaPet reacted to Angelqueen in Pole dance & lap dance   
    I have few idea about this..

    Pole dance:
    Would be nice if players can use to a "random" button if start pole dancing. This random button can activate a random pole dance, and change it after every time whne that dance end.

    Lap dance:
    No need "partner" connection, after a player click on a chair/couch can use the dance, like now by pole dancing. It doesn’t matter if someone is sitting in that chair/couch or not, dancing working. Pole dance random button works here by lap dancing also good, if there were more dances.

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    AndjelaPet reacted to LizzyLone in New Poses   
    Can we have some hair pulling poses please and thank you.

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    AndjelaPet reacted to Erythrea in Things I would like to see in this game   
    Freestyle Swim Style (faster swimming)

    Better Transitions when pole dancing, maybe some "queue bar", where you can select the movements.
    More pole dance animations
    Lap dancing
    "Floor work" for lapdancing and exotic dancing

    Partnered movement:
    (Walking hand ind hand)
    (Crawling on a leash)
    (Walking on a leash)

    Kink+ animations whipping, flogging, caning, cattle prod, waxing, Magic wand, Violet Wand, T-Cross, X-Cross, gyno chair, dildo play, sybian, Strappado, bed retraints, spread eagle, pau de arara...

    Ability to welcome/good bye kisses between women
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