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The Diary of the Adventureworld


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Diary of the Adventureworld


Hi, my in-game name is Zokora, but that is neither here nor there.

Maybe some of you who read this diary have already been to my Adventureworld, and due to the wonderful feedback to my room I just decided to tell a bit about how this world came into life and about all those wonderful people supporting me in keeping this running.


My start into 3DX

I guess, like most of us I started into this game with the purpose to get here what a sex game offers, configuring my avi, doing first trials of creating a profile and hopping through the rooms.

The variety of the room designs and the possibility to stream your own music really inspired me, and so I made up my mind to create my own room and stream the music I love. I Don’t know why, but I focused on room 2, and the outcome was nice, so I started to open it and stream my music. And the result was clear from today’s point of view: a few visitors, they liked my room and music, danced for some minutes and jumped to the next room.


The very beginning of Adventureworld

So I started to think about building something different, about spreading the variety of rooms here in 3DX, about my contribution to the possibilities of having fun here. With these thoughts in mind I started to design my room 1. The only thing I had in my head when I started, was to create something on the rooftop, so I built a dancing location there. After finishing it and looking at it I thought ‘Oh my…that looks a bit like an adventure park…. like those climbing locations’. I guess this was the moment of birth of the Adventureworld, as that idea burned into my head and did not let go.


Breaking the first limits

Especially the beach down fascinated me, with all those waves, so I decided that there must be a way down there, starting to build with a lot of trial and error, until I managed to reach the back-side beach. Still not an Adventureworld, but the way began to open at that time, especially when the idea arose to dance in the water. I installed two dancing platforms on the ground in the water, and the floating effect and the lighting under water started to fascinate me, raising the desire to being able to move under water. No sooner said than done and there was the underwater trail to the island with a small location on the island.


Ideas pour out

In parallel I opened the room for the public and the first feedback was already awesome, so I decided to set up more attractions. As the mountains were still undeveloped, my next project started there. To the mountains, yes, but what to do there? Just dance? Yawn…. who will go that way just to dance? This was the moment, when the Adventurepark found its feet, as the idea of a jumping location in the mountains. I built it, opened the room for public, and the feedback was overwhelming; all those people coming and having fun jumping down the mountains.

Now all dams were breaking and the locations mushroomed:

  • The Octopus bar
  • The Moon bar (thanks to Elf for the inspiration)
  • The mountain top
  • The secret throne room
  • The devs last message to the community


A big ‘thank you’

And my room started to attract frequenters who enjoy the locations and the music, some of them supporting me so much. I can’t mention all the people who encouraged me with their awesome feedback or their moments of joy in the Adventureworld, but I like to mention those, who supported me in all phases and were keeping up my mind even in those phases when I thought of giving it all up.

Sonata: My charming and wonderful co-host and one of my best and deepest friends. Thank you for building me up again and again when I asked myself if I should give it up. I enjoy your company so much and still feel lucky to have you at my side

Xormus: Thank you, xor, for supporting me. I highly appreciate your presence and the chats with you. Besides the stress the hosting of the room can be sometimes, the chats with you keep the fun going for me as well

Malakae: Funny, Mal, you are always there when I need someone to talk with or just to be there. I can’t thank you enough for that, as you are like a column I can lean on when I fear to lose balance

EvilElf: Thank you Elf for encouraging me to go on and realize my dreams. Without you I guess the idea of the moon bar would not have come into my mind. It is not only the similar musical taste but somehow the same way of thinking that makes you an inspiration for me


And many, many thanks to all those people who supported me by their encouraging words and their frequent presence in my Adventureworld and in my 3DX life:

AngelinaFr, AnnaSofia, Foken, Gubi, JoanaSlut, KingLeo, MissLoretta, Solliez


And in the end a big thank you to all the visitors, filling my room and enjoying the Adventureworld.


This game is for fun :)


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Hello Zokora,

as an old RLC veteran i respect people who making their own dreams true in a creative way. Sadly i never saw your Adventurepark but i hope you can tell me and all others here your opening times  so that we can join the fun you have  :)

Hi Jules,

thank you for the Kind words.

In General I try to have the Adventureworld open every day from 8:00 pm CET until 11:00 pm CET, depending on my rl Tasks. As I am a lot on travel I can not ensure fixed opening times, but this time Frame is the most probable :)

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Hi Zorkora,


I recently visited your wonderful place and I think it's one of the most creative and carefully crafted places in the game, especially the Moon Bar was really a highlight. Or this incredible long mountain jump, extremely cool :)


Unfortunately, like many other carefully crafted places in the game, it receives much less attraction than it deserves. If you take the amount of people visiting for example TANYAx's 1:1 copy of the 3dx night club, it's becomes really weird.

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Hi Jules,

thank you for the Kind words.

In General I try to have the Adventureworld open every day from 8:00 pm CET until 11:00 pm CET, depending on my rl Tasks. As I am a lot on travel I can not ensure fixed opening times, but this time Frame is the most probable :)

you are welcome so much and i understand i travel a lot too so 8 till 11 sounds good for me :)

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The adventureland is easily my favourite place in the game currently. It has so much things to do !  ( underwater kiss ? ) ;)


Always a pleasure to see you at the adventureworld, Elf, it is people like you who bring the fun to my world :)

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Treasure Quest




Most of the people who have visited my room have already heard of Hugo, the lewd giant octopus living at the bottom of the ocean. Well, Hugo is quite old and did already render the seven seas uncertain, when there were sail ships on their dangerous and long ways between the continents.

In the long count of ships falling prey to Hugo, there is one traditional about Captain Colder – the reason for his name cannot be traced back, so this will always remain a mystery – who was an infamous pirate who piled boundless treasures.

One day, sometime in the 17th century, Captain Colder was sailing from his base to find a new one, as he feared that the position of the old one had been revealed to the crown. So he took all his treasures and sailed along the South Seas. I guess that would never have become any story being worth to be told, if his ship did not cross the region Hugo called his home. The unequal fight did not take long, and as Hugo likes to play with his food – and as I mentioned it is a very lewd octopus – Captain Colder had bad luck tree times – being colded by a lewd octopus, being eaten after that and losing his treasure to an octopus.

And as luck would have it, the island where the adventureworld is located, is the one where Hugo brought the treasure to hide it from the greedy eyes of all human beings. The treasure has not been found so far, so you might try your luck and search for it in the area of adventureworld.



The first three who manage to find the treasure will receive a gift from me, as a prove show me a picture with you and the treasure. Have fun searching!!!


This game is for fun


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OK...time again to push Rob from the top at least for some minutes :P


The Beginner’s Guide to the Adventureworld


As I have seen a lot of people enter my room, not knowing where the people are or what to do, I decided to provide a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ to my Adventureworld.


The Arrival

When you arrive, you will see a room like in the following picture:




Looking around it might seem that the room is empty, even though you have seen there should be people according to the room headcount. This room is quite huge, so it might be the people are spread all over this world, or we might just dance on the rooftop.

Having entered the room, you will normally be welcomed by me (except I’m busy or away from keyboard). If I haven’t seen you here I might even spill you with some additional information. I won’t try to tell a lot of things about basic etiquette, as there is an excellent summary about this by Epi: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/4331-epis-beginners-guide/, however a good start is always to say ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ when you come in, as this is a room where chat is highly appreciated. If you were looking for something else, a ‘Bye’ is as well always a nice thing.

So where have all the people gone? If there is a special event somewhere in my world, I will tell you after I have welcomed you and got any reaction from you (like a ‘Hi’), otherwise it is always a good idea to look to the rooftop. To do that, go outside to the balcony and use the stairs made of light cubes:




When you enter the Adventureworld, the default setting is Night. If this is too dark for you, you can change the Daylight setting for yourself by the little button right to the character Editor:




If I am on the rooftop you will find me either dancing directly in front of you or on some exposed place:




If you see me play drums or stand at the DJ console, I am most probably away from keyboard. You can check this by looking at my profile:




If I am afk or partially afk, my profile pic will tell. If I am partially afk, I am normally doing some work in RL, looking at least every 3 or 4 minutes into 3dx, so you might wait for me; however if I am afk, I rather do not check what is going on in 3dx, if you like you can leave me a pm.


Exploring my World


If you like to explore my world you can either ask me for a guided tour, which will take about an hour, in which I will guide you through my world and show you the most interesting places, or you can explore the world by yourself. If you like to explore my world by yourself it is helpful to know basic actions like the FreeCam or FlyCam. In the basic game manual (http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/723-basic-game-manual-en-ger-fr-esp/) you can read about that. If you are not sure to use it, ask me for the guided tour, I will show you on the tour.

The best entry into my world is to follow the arrows on my rooftop, which lead to a way down to the beach. Being down there you can take different routes as visible on the next Picture, showing a part of my Adventureworld from above:




Taking the left way will lead you to the mountains, there you can visit the highest point in 3dx or the jumping platform. Going even further you will find the hidden Throne room, the devs last message to the community and some romantic places.

Walking along the beach you will pass the concert stage and find another romantic place and the small lighthouse, while turning right will get you to an underwater trail passing the octopus bar and leading to the small island. Maybe one day I will add a complete plan but not yet.


The music


In my Adventureworld you will mainly hear Rock Music, as I am streaming my favourite music. If you like to hear a special song, feel free to send me a pm with the artist and the title. If I can get it I will play it. I am always interested in broadening my musical horizon, so musical requests are always welcome, in some exceptional cases (busy, afk) I might not respond immediately to your requests.


The Locations


At the moment there are the following places that can be visited

  • The moon bar
  • The octopus bar
  • The small island
  • The mountain top
  • The jumping platform
  • The hidden throne room
  • The devs last message to the community
  • Cuddlewood
  • Several romantic places
  • The concert stage
  • The light tower
  • The cuddleplace in the sky
  • And some more small locations for sitting or dancing

Some additional hints


Just some more hints regarding my world

  • Below a certain Level you do not see the avatar names any more
  • Outside the house you can only move by clicking on the next object. Clicking on the floor has no effect
  • Please do not cold anyone inside my Adventureworld. This is a cold-free space and I ask you to respect this. Otherwise this might lead to a complete ignore from my side.
  • Be respectful to others, Love and respect are important to me and I would love you to respect that inside my rooms
  • There is a lot of romantic places inside Adventureworld, you are invited to use them for some erotic adventures if you like


Some special people to me


There is so many awesome people I got to know here and I am glad to know, however here is some I would like to mention as they are very special to me and who I consider as my best friends:


Ambergeddon, AngelinaFr, EvilElf, JoanaSlut, Kaliea, Karena, Liela, Malakae, MichaelD, MissLoretta, Nicole, Rozeline, Solliez, StephanieCD, Xormus


This Game is für Fun







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Impressions of Adventureworld


For all those who have not yet been to my adventureworld, here are some pictures giving you an Impression of my world.


The moon bar:



The octopus bar:



The mountains:



Throne room and lighthouse:



The void and cuddlewood:



The beach with concert stage:



Some romantic places:



Hope to see you there soon :)



This game is for fun

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Nice room Zokora, checked it out yesterday. Very impressive



Most user rooms are created to Dance or fuck,  and while you can  do both in your room  the Creativity and thoughtfulness shows through  love the concept and the adventure of walking though your room. you have created something unique and i applaud you   Great Job !!!!



Thank you, Rob and Nicci, for you kind word. I am glad that the idea of bringing some more fun into 3dx seems to work.



This game is for fun

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Excellent creative room. I admire the amount of effort that people put into their places. I do not have the patience or creativity even to start creating such a thing. :P Oh, and naturally, your choice of music is excellent.

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Music? Music!!!!


One very funny aspect of my time here in 3DX is, that I have rediscovered my love for music :). Streaming the music I love to hear and sharing it with the visitors is pure fun for me and I want to thank all those who visit my room frequently to listen to my music and dance. For all those, who love the type of music I play, I will give here information about some songs I like very much.


Neil Young

Some of you might know that I like the music of Neil Young. He has made a lot of wonderful songs, amongst them some together with Pearl Jam. I have some special song here I found on Youtube, a Live concert of Pearl Jam playing Neil's 'Rocking in the Free World' with Neil Young joining in:




10 great songs from my playlist

Here is a list of 10 great songs I have on my playlist and which I like to play:


Ryan Adams: Give me something good

Madrugada: Vocal

The Lemonheads: Losing you

Poets of the Fall: Center Stage

The White Album: One by One

Ten Fe: Overflow

Kings of Leon: Eyes on You

Silversun Pickups: Draining

Pete Yorn: in Your Head

Bears of Legend: A Life like Rose

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The map of the adventureworld


Here is a current map of the Adventureworld. I do not know how long it is valid as I still can't stop building :D, I will try to update it from time to time





1) The lighthouse

2) A romantic place

3) A romantic place with a hut

4) Stonehenge

5) a hut in the mountains

6) The concert stage at the beach

7) The wedding location

8) The house

9) The small island (you can reach it via the underwater trail)

10) The devs last message to the community

11) A romantic place

12) The hidden throne room

13) Cuddlewood

14) The mountain platform

15) A romantic place

16) The mountain top

17) The octopus bar


Have fun exploring...


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Adventureworld Updates


New Locations

Still can't stop building, although leaving the room editor takes more than 5 minutes. Adventureworld is growing and growing, here are the last locations I have created:


A mountain hut:






Caribbean hut:



Artists of the week


My artists of the week is the band 'The Waterboys'. I will play some of their best songs quite frequently in my Adventureworld. Here is one song I currently like most: 'I can see Elvis'






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Given the fact that you've even populated the moon already, I'm afraid that if you go on like this, there will soon be no place left to build something ...


I think you should even think about printing tourist maps of your island to tourists and make some xgold out of it :)


Amazing work, Zokora!!

Thank you, Darren, and a good idea...going to give up my rl Job and sell maps and tours for adventureworld :D

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