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1 hour ago, Toriel said:

Hello iam trying to verify my Discord with the 3dxchat discord server but when i try to link them i get error 2001 account not found in server whil iam in the discord server.

Hope someone can help me

Same account? Have you allowed the access to your discord account?

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3 minutes ago, Toriel said:

Its the same Account yes and when i want to allow it for acces i get a error code 

Oke i went to my Discord and authorized apps and 3dx is there but i dont see the rest of the server plus it says accès username and servers iam in 

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4 minutes ago, Diana Prince said:

but you entered the numbers of your Discord account, too, right?
Mine would be "Diana Prince#9636"

i go to the site to verify click on it logs in whit acount info and then i get verify for server i click it and then boom i get the error 


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1 hour ago, CatKatW said:

There is a "Contact Support Team" link towards the bottom of the page

Ah! Thanks you. They should make this look different from the other questions so you see that it's a support ticket.

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Same problem here. That means also when i get the error code it does work nevertheless? So it just needs a while? I would love to know if it worked finally for the others which had trouble with it :)

(And no i am not connected with another discord already)

In discord it's already listed.

Thanks in advance


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