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Suites for Male and Female Avatars


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Hello there! I believe that it would be nice to see some formal clothing with all the new options available for customization! I believe many of us would appreciate the option for a nice formal suite with options for ties and vests like the pictures bellow(Also enabling clothed sex would be a nice idea). Thank you for your time and wish you all who read good luck ^_^














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Some of us from the midwest / south and southwest wouldnt mind having some cowboy boots  hats and belts and buckles, possibly a bolo tie and conchos for the hat band.

also for sex poses can we integrate some formof breast play for women, sucking nibling squeezing holding/cupping in palms, finger or thumb rubs ? just a thought whether its mf of ff

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I personally would love some chaps incl. the color- and texture-option like latex, leather and stuff. but thats just my thing maybe. I do like the idea of wearing suits generally. Especially with an optional vest and tie. Of course only in combination with the same color- and texture-options mentioned above already...

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