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Crawling animation pls


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34 minutes ago, Xizi said:

And I am of course not an expert and may be wrong, but I guess making a crawling animation and idle pose not going to require much more time/resources than developing couple more sex poses? But it could benefit the RP and especially BDSM community of the game more than couple dozens of new poses!

You are right. That wouldnt take long. Since 3dx has no "curve walking animation" its just straight walking so it would be an easy thing to create a straight crawling animation

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🇫🇷 C'est super comme idée, en RP. Ca serait bien utile.

Mais tant qu'on y est. Pourquoi pas la nage crawl? Pour l'instant on a une nage assez pourri hein. Il faut bien le dire. Je pense que ça serait bien de nous mettre plus d'animation avec l'eau. On vit quand même sur des îles à la base... C'est notre univers.
Donc nager la brasse, sur le ventre ou le dos, nager le crawl sur le ventre ou sur le dos, ça serait juste normal. La nage papillon...
Je pense que ça serait aussi intéressant pour tout le monde et pour ceux qui font du rp aussi.

Enfin ça changerait de la nage du petit chien.
Ahh oui cette pose quand on arrête de nager sérieux, vous ne pouvez pas mettre autre chose que la nage du petit chien sur place? hahaha 😂
Sérieusement, il serait temps d'arrêter ça ! Personne ne s'arrête de nager comme ça, dans la vraie vie, c'est juste ridicule hahaha 😂


🇺🇸 This is a great idea in PR. It would be very useful.

But while we're at it. How about the swim crawl? Right now we have a pretty lousy swim. It has to be said. I think it would be nice to put more animation with the water. We live on islands after all... It's our universe.
So swimming breaststroke, front or back, front or back crawl, it would just be normal. Butterfly swimming... I think it would be interesting for everybody and for those who are doing rp too.

I mean, it would be a change from the doggie style.
Ahh yes that pose when you stop swimming seriously, can't you put something else than the small dog swim on the spot? hahaha 😂
Seriously, it's time to stop that! Nobody stops swimming like that in real life, it's just ridiculous hahaha 😂


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