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  1. I like this idea, it has lots of possibilities with the new pattern system, the only thing I can see as a potential problem is that every avi is different in size, right? Boobs especially. I wonder if when you save your total avi look to file, it also includes the avatar body dimensions when dealing with the clothing aspect of the file so they cover the avi properly. If this was the case when you loaded an outfit file onto another avi, it would not have the necessary data to cover the new avi properly and would clip etc. Unless the way the system works is that the way the outfits cover the avi is some universal automatic process which happens independently of the avi file itself, in which case none of this would be a problem. But I suspect that as the file contains the info for the avi itself (body proportions etc) the outfit data is inherently connected to the avi data in some way.
  2. I didn't know about the hider part, but it probably does nothing for the guys anyway. But good to know! Thx. As far as the layers go, I would tend to use the mask setting as first port of call, so I can choose where the layers appear, that's before I even start choosing which patterns. That's just my preference. Currently the only mask setting I'm using though is the one where I have all the same pattern all over as I only want the one check on my shirt.
  3. Enable vsync it helps reduce the load on your GPU
  4. Thought I'd make a thread for myself, when I upload a new vid I'll link it here cause no links allowed in discord eh. Today's upload... How to make a secret door. If u have a room u make public but still want some of it to be private, this can be a good solution. I like to put a teleport on the other side so I can piss-off to a totally different part of the map but people aren't likely to stumble across the teleport by accident. Anyway, this is how u make an invisible secret door in a wall.
  5. When I use snap angle even on a group, I always just drag the most horizontal circular line along until it moves the minimum amount then keep doing that.
  6. There's a 1 minute timer on the dice roller in WC (not other rooms, only WC) so you have to wait at least 1 minute from the last roll someone did. This had me convinced it was broken for me for ages, because the same thing was happening to me as to you. I would /roll and just get the /roll and nothing would happen. But it was just the fact someone had rolled one less than 1 minute before I tried. No-one bothered to tell me about this despite me complaining in WC and mention it appeared broken for me a few times, I just got lucky and heard someone mention it one day then understood what was going on. Wait more than a minute and you'll be fine if rolling in WC. When you see the first /roll then the second result, only you see the first /roll in chat, no-one else sees it so don't worry about it. I've tested it out with alts and watched the result in both chat windows. The person who rolls sees two, but no-one else does.
  7. And yes there can sometimes be lots of drama and adults behaving like little children and carrying-on, but you just learn to laugh at it and ignore it and not let it affect you. If it all gets too much for you and someone really really is irritating you and upsetting you too much, there is always the ignore function. Click them either in a chat window or directly from their avatar and there is an option to ignore also an option on their profile. Ignoring a player will make their avatar disappear totally for you and you for them, you both go behind a kind of invisible wall from each other. The person who does the ignore has the ultimate power over the situation and it stays on as long as they leave it on. You can't see their chats or interact with them any longer, nor can they, at least until/if you take them off again. Everyone treats ignore differently, some people hate using it and would rather not use it much, others use it at the drop of a hat for almost no reason at all, but it can be your best friend when someone really is giving you a headache and being really horrible or taking things out on you for no reason. You always need to remember you go there to have a good time and relax and entertain yourself, not to be unhappy, so if another player is consistently upsetting you, sometimes the easiest and best approach is just to put them on iggie. Even if for one day just to get them out of your face.
  8. Welcome to 3DX. 3DX Chat can be many things to many people and played in many ways, the one thing which annoys me the most is when players expect other people will always play it the way they do and get the things out of it they do. Some people treat it like a video game and expect everyone they come across to be ready and willing to fulfill every wish they have as a player themselves. They basically treat you like an NPC in an MMORPG. They see you there and they just expect you see it the way they see it and you will do what they expect you to, and get grumpy when you don't do what they want or expect. But that's just one kind of player, there are many approaches to how to enjoy this place. There are others who will try to control your avatar and talk you into what size breasts to have and what to wear, ignore those ones totally. Other people are there just to dance or build world creations or just be with friends and talk and laugh, the way to enjoy 3DX is endless. Best advice I can give you is decide for yourself what you want and how you want to live inside 3DX chat and do that and be strong-minded (it really is up to how strong-minded you are in yourself) about it and do not let others sway you away from that, write it in your profile and then it is up to everyone to take the time to read your profile and then respect your wishes for how you wish to play the game or enjoy the social media platform with sex or without sex, or whatever you want really. It's up to you. I think of 3DX chat as a sort of family I'm part of, and in families you always have people who rub you the wrong way but you're sort of stuck with them and have to put up with them. If you stay true to who you are and what you want out of it, you will eventually attract the people you are meant to be around.
  9. I like the idea of having a character place din the room whose profile describes the room. Good one. And yes, room names with "cum" "slut" "dirty" "whore" "colds" and so on generate the most traffic. But also there will always be a place for more inventive and different and creative places (albeit with less traffic) because there is a whole segment of the playerbase who likes to wander around room-hopping and checking out new builds and interesting venues.
  10. Would be really nice if you could click on an object (incl a light) and the colour picker would go to that value and show you what it is and make it saveable as well. Yes you can save a value in the picker for use again when you've created it fresh, but you can't click an item in a new instance of the world editor and find out retrospectively what the colour is. That needs to change if at all possible. In an ideal world you would also have a pop-up editable note/label attached to each colour tile which you could enter a note in which would make identifying what that colour was used for even faster.
  11. I didn't know this until a few minutes ago, but apparently you can buy crawl animations ready made from the Unity Store. What are we waiting for?
  12. I suggested this years ago but remembered it again today when having a convo with someone and thought it worth bringing up again because it would really add so much to RP and the experience of having relationships in general in the game. Basically the idea is that when you marry someone or even just start dating someone, it would be a very nice touch to be able to 'move in together'. To do this you would need to be able to set it so that either of your rooms was able to be commanded and used by both parties, so you would need some kind of function/UI where you could add permissions to the room and add another user. Then when they logged into the game they could choose to set it to enter that room as their default home even if their partner was not online and they could then be 'at home'. They could wait 'at home' for their partner to log-on, and when that person logged-in they would land in their shared home and find their partner waiting 'at home' for them. It would mean both people in the relationship could set-up a single shared base just like a real home to hangout in and use as a place to leave and go out from and return to at different times to each other if desired. A further expansion of this concept would be that either person could decorate the apartment/room/house/world at will (have edit permissions granted separately from the access and default options) which is also what you would do in RL if you lived with someone in the same place.
  13. I think a lot of people would appreciate a crawling animation, so they could crawl across the floor on all fours for RP. So same as walk/Run, but add crawl as well so you can just keep crawling wherever you click on the floor.
  14. ah, ok, I'll link that in the discord anyway and they can work out if they want to register or not. tyvm.
  15. What am I missing... All I see is this... This wouldn't help the person looking for it to use in their build...
  16. Ello @Slut someone on the discord today was looking for a jukebox, do you know where they can find one of those? Thought you would be a good person to ask...
  17. Hey Gizmo. I didn't know whether the best place to write this was on this forum in suggestions or in the official Discord channel, in the end I decided just to put it here on your forum feed and let you read it when you find it.

    I noticed there is no specific place to put bugs people are experiencing and officially report them, one place, so you the devs are able to go and have a look and have them all in one neat place. I don't know if it should be here on the forum or on the discord channel as a new section, I suspect the best place to put it would probably be here on the forum as its own section as the format is that people make a topic in a section so each bug could have an easy to find topic of its own and that would help prevent duplicate reporting, they could just add to the already existing topic which someone else has created and add their own experience of that specific bug.

    I've been in other games where they have dedicated bug reporting threads and it really helps the devs to work out what needs doing and prioritize according to how bad the bug is, so when I noticed you don't have anything specifically for bugs anywhere, here or on discord, I thought it was worth suggesting, as it will make your life as a dev better.


    1. Rockster


      Ignore all that, I just found the bug section in discord, I must be blind. Sorry.

  18. I built a full size theatre and stage once, it looks real and all the proportions are correct. I would love to put a screen over the front of the stage and have movies on it. Even shitty porn would do. Just to be able to go to a cinema in 3DX and sit there and pass time watching something on a big screen would be wonderful.
  19. point was u can already stream the sound from movies and no-one gives a toss.
  20. I just realized something a short while ago while I was explaining to someone about how to stream to your room... When someone has a stream set-up (which is not a problem on 3DX and done routinely) they can stream any amount of copyrighted material and no-one bats an eyelid. I was explaining to this person about how one of the streamers worked and how whatever was coming through your soundcard would get sent to your stream, so if you were playing Youtube videos it would stream that audio and if you were playing music on itunes it would play that etc, just explaining to them that what they heard on their computer the people in their room would also hear, then I thought of this thread and this issue (which has been around for a very long time) with people always saying it's always about copyright and that's why we can't have video to TVs or screens, but what's the diff between that and having a movie audio soundtrack playing through your audio stream into your room which anyone can do already right now? Or playing copyrighted audio content generally. I could stream netflix into a room right now, granted only audio, but still it's easily done and it's copyrighted isn't it. Even the CDs your DJ plays at your parties on your streams are copyrighted. Everyone already does this and no-one thinks it's a problem because any of it's copyrighted, they just stream all manner of stuff to their rooms and don't worry about it.
  21. Well this is the problem, consent should be required for anyone, no matter what you think of them.
  22. My view has always been that the copyright issue is slightly overblown. But if it is the reason behind not implementing certain features, maybe the way forward is to create some kind of legal framework where the player assumes legal responsibility for design content and the platform/game itself is absolved.
  23. @GizmoEllo. Would it please be possible to have the diving command as a building tool? In the original public beach and also the new one you can physically dive off the pier with an animation if you are on it and click the water, I tried to re-create the original beach and put in a pier and it's a shame you can't dive off it as you could in the original one. It would be a very useful command for builders to have to put in when there are pools and water. I'm not sure if it's possible to have as a single boxed command such as all the others we currently have which is why I'm saying "if possible", it may be something which is not able to be used as a single placeable command, but in case it is, it would be lovely if we could get it added to our builder. TY
  24. I forgot to say it also affects getting out of the sea when you've been swimming too and whatever you're using as the beach may need to be adjusted accordingly.
  25. yea i've notice the problem with mountains too. what was fine before is a little too steep now, as with the stairs.
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