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  1. God I'd love a proper bukkake. As is, you can't even get into a CS pose in any group activity.
  2. Hmmm, IDK if that's ever popped up for me - then again, I find straight men and gay women tend to be my partners.
  3. You do realize that the point of the BETA is to test things, right? How are we to know what pricing is accurate and what is a test? I think it's perfectly appropriate to bring to light the absurd pricing along with bugs.
  4. I'm sure this has been asked for before, but the cumshot system in general needs a bit of updating: How there isn't a groupsex (MMF, MMM, FFF, whatever) cumshot option is literally crazy in a game like this - I'd imagine it'd be one of the most requested features, but what do I know? As an aside, how there isn't a cumshot option for Futas falls into this same "crazy" category. Creampies.... I mean, this should be a thing, right? Oral creampies would be nice as well. I love to show what I've done and get praise for it. This is a bit of a stretch, but is it possible to just have cum stick in scenes that aren't cumshot specific? That would alleviate a lot of the above A way to clean it off without leaving/coming back would be nice, too. Don't get me wrong - I don't want it to go away by default, but I do want the option. I have other thoughts, but these are the most obvious to me. Maybe it's just my cumslut nature, but I'd love to see these implemented eventually.
  5. Yeah, I've found this to be an issue in the live game, constantly. Good news: In the beta, there are descriptors for each pose with multiple partners, so this will be a largely moot issue come release. Bad news: In the beta, there are no descriptors for poses with only one partner, or solo poses. Gizmo, can we please add descriptors for *all* poses instead of just some?
  6. My husband and I have wanted this since we came to the game - there is a laundry list of other things we want, but this seems the most straightforward.
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