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Clothes - Platform heels

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And stop walking on toes when bare feet... or wearing flat shoes, for beach andΒ sneaker fetish...Β  just to say, there are other topics for that issue, too. I know, but i think we can not say it often enouch to get a dev out of his sleeping hole... I have no problems with some more platforms, if all other fetishes get the same attention.Β Even if some people consider me too old for platform shoes, the sight reminds me too much of a hoof, and I still had to see crippled people with similar shoes many years after the war. For the young chicks I am thus ancient, yes. But to ask a psychiatrist my dislike for the kind of shoes is too unimportant for me. Didn't mean to offend anyone with this, it's just my personal opinion. Let us all have fun and get ALL OF US the clothes we would like to wear...

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