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Bug reports (Build 435)


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7 minutes ago, zigzag said:

Monkey boy is showing you the error people are getting

No. The first error says: "The error log has been copied to the clipboard, please send it to the developers"

So he has to CTRL+V right after he got that error - it will give more details about the error.

For example:

Error Log v1

OS    Windows 10  (10.0.0) 64bit

Path    C:\Games\3dxchat_copy
File path    C:\Games\3dxchat_copy\AssetBundles\data\062637a8f3826e1defe2c45777fe8c3f
File size    2013

Corrupted files:
C:\Games\3dxchat_copy\unins000.exe    2594145



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On 11/8/2021 at 2:15 PM, Feuermond said:

The rendering of the corset is still broken, nothing was fixed, a beautiful feature that was fine for over 5 years got bugged with the Lovense update and stays unfixed. That's horrible and reduces the game fun dramatically for me.


Wow. They STILL haven't fixed this????? What the heck? I don't understand why they keep releasing these ginormous updates with all this new stuff and then they do a second one shortly after but still leave all the broken stuff in the game! This is why I have been offline for several weeks now. I only want to come back to DJ and build and now the stairs are broken and it's like what's the point?

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