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How Sex Game Devil can make Millions $ with 3DX

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I came up with this idea as a joke a long time ago and it's still... largely a joke but I'm amazed it hasn't been implemented because it would SERIOUSLY work. I have zero doubt that this would ACTUALLY work and make SGD and @Gizmo a ridiculous amount of money.

Charge actual money to increase the size of your male avatar's penis. OKAY HEAR ME OUT.
You create two sliders in the male avatar body customization menu. One for length and one for girth. Charge like... $20 for each inch a player wants to unlock on that slider to increase the length or girth past its current limit. I'm no penis expert but let's say for the sake of the example that the current penis length is like 7 inches long and 6 inches around. So you pay 20 bucks and you can increase the penis up to 8 inches long. Pay another and you can get it up to 7 inches around. Each time you pay for an unlock you can choose either length or girth to increase the cap.

Now here's the kicker: Make the cap infinite.

Here's ANOTHER kicker: DON'T OPTIMIZE IT AT ALL. DON'T EVEN TRY. Just put in some simple scaling thing and just let that thing get bigger and bigger as much as people want for as much as they want to pay. It will look STUPID. It will clip through bodies in sex poses. DON'T WORRY HOW STUPID IT LOOKS.

PROMISE YOU dudes will dump their entire life savings into this to walk around with gigantic dicks on their avatar no matter how stupid it looks. You can change the amount it costs to whatever you want but make it expensive and make it totally not worth it and I KNOW some insecure dudes who think having a gigantic dick on their avatar in a sex game is gonna be worth paying that extra cash.

Then you can like... use that money to hire a dev team and get actual useful updates out a little faster? :P

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Lays his credit cards out on the desk  Where do I sign up?! 🙃

All kidding aside.  In this year like no other, this game has a golden opportunity in front of them.  Here in the States we have public agencies advocating the benefits of virtual sex and masturbation as a means to good sexual health in both mind and body.  Here is an example from a health department of a major city in Texas:

Tip #2 Have fun at a distance.

− Go solo – Masturbation and toy play will not spread COVID-19 to another person. Remember to wash your hands before and after and wash toys with soapy water.

− Go virtual – Virtual methods of sexual activity such as text, voice, photo and video can allow consenting adults to be intimate from a distance. Respect each other’s boundaries and privacy.

A game such as this is could be on the cusp of being almost mainstream.  I think the sky's the limit with a stable platform, regular updates, and a marketing strategy.



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they could, but they won't. this game is like the dayZ of sex games. been in beta for 8 or so years, claims its stable but runs like an unoptimized early access. when you tell the developers that the game sucks they want to ban you off forums or say that its your fault lol. rinse and repeat, sadly most of them today are like that. there is one thing they could do, is get rid of the unity engine that it runs on and rebuild it on another engine that is stable and less buggy. they could also hire additional people, 2 devs isn't gonna cut it for the amount of people that has constant issues of crashes, disconnections and lag. but as mentioned its been going on for years, they are almost a decade too late lol.

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