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Found 21 results

  1. build 363 - Redesign of the Beach location. - 2 sex poses have been added. - Home layout Save/Load from file option has been added. Fixes: - Switch the camera mode using the F5, F6, F7 keys. - You can't turn on VR mode if VR device is unplugged. - Photo Uploading with uppercase extensions has been fixed. - Sound echo has been fixed. - Standard water quality is set by default, high quality water is currently experimental for now. - Hide VR gaze pointer by Shift + Z. - Lost chat and profile window fixed, when you change resolution from high to low. - Head and Body buttons in the Character Editor have been fixed and zoom in correctly. - You can now use wall poses on the walls in the user rooms. - Furniture collisions have been disabled in Home Editor. If you have any troubles with patcher, then follow these steps please.
  2. I would love to see similar or exactly the same things like these in the new patch! Thanks devs Female tops: New cum shoot poses:
  3. Gizmo

    Build 413

    Dear 3DXChat Community! Even at this very difficult times, we continue to work hard to improve 3DXChat project for you. We are pleased to announce that the new build 413 has already been released! Take care of yourself and loved ones. 3DXChat team Build 413 - What's new? 2 Hairstyles 11 Dances A lot of new Poses New Clothes
  4. Hey, everyone., I am one of those who uses Verizon FIOS on the East Coast and was unable to stay connected, get the Room list, or World Chat after patch 423. Gizmo gave us a manual patch to install called Patch 425, which gave us the option of a US or a European portal. This solved the problem for many of us in that boat. This morning, with patch 426 out, when I patched the game, it went into a loop of restarting game/restarting patcher, ad nauseum. It LOOKS like the patcher is trying to install patch 425, finds it installed, opens the game, which launches the patcher again, and it never actually installs 426. I downloaded version 424 from the 3dxchat.com main website and ran it. It installed, and on first run, patched 425 AND 426. Hopefully, this will be a solution for people with the same problem. [NOTE: I am still having trouble connecting through the US or Euro servers directly, but connecting through VPN works. Hopefully, we will have a fix for that, soon.]
  5. Gizmo

    Build 422

    3DXChat Community! Build 422 is out and available now. Fixes: Ignore system fixed. Yellow messages in chat fixed. Clothing bug after user rooms close has been fixed. Daily rewards. XGold purchases. Referral program. Blurred tattoos. Changes: User Worlds sorting: Older open rooms are now sorted higher in the list than new open rooms. Users now get automatically transferred to the Character editor after User rooms are closed (to avoid some bugs). EU Proxy deleted (Unused). The number of attempts to enter the username and password before a timeout occurs is 5 attempts. After that, the timeout is 15 minutes until you can try again. Unity engine version updated to 2018.4.24. New features: Buy XGold for other players Players are able to UP any room that they are located in. Players can donate to User World hosts (Experimental) Learn more Content: New Hairstyles, Poses and Tattoos
  6. 3DXChat Community! Due to the DDoS attack on the server, the hard disk was damaged, the system crashed and administrators responded slowly. User data was not affected, however, restoring the game in such conditions is difficult and long. Our plan is as follows: We have a new test server, which is located in a more respectable data center. We transferred all users to the test server to quickly give people the opportunity to play the game. Since the test server has not been fully tested, players will probably encounter bugs, which we will try to quickly patch to fix. Please bare this in mind and please continue to report them. We understand that playing in this way can be uncomfortable for many players, so we will freeze all current membership time until the situation improves, all registered users will play for free until it's solved. Known Issues: - Profiles issue (double click "My Profile" to fix it); - In rare cases, the login window may block you for 15 minutes; - Not all users who receive compensation have the opportunity to enter the game; - The ignore function does not work; - Incorrect display of colors in the chat; - Radio; - Incorrect display of clothes when leaving a closed room. First release: - Optimization of the server and client code. Resistance to load at rush hour; - The rooms stay open even if the owner has logged off the game. Will stay open until the last visitor leaves; - Server side random /roll (1-100), /roll1 (1-6) and /roll2 (1-12); - Protection of User Worlds (It is necessary to re-save the world); - Men's hairstyles. Future releases: - Bugfixes; - Women's hairstyles. - Poses. Future plans: - Moderation of User Worlds. The patch is already available. In order to update just run 3DXChat and the patcher will start. Please note: If the game is too unstable during testing, we reserve the right to suspend the server until the malfunction has been fixed. Bug Tracker: Report Errors Here Q: Patcher client freezes during update.A: You can download and install the latest version of the client (Build 421) from your personal account or via this link: https://mega.nz/file/JRJUiKiS#03hwmAXPb1IbQjIcmpo6pR0eqf6slvipRa1dnppXlhw Thank you for being with us during this difficult time!
  7. Here I will post about the game updates, which will be added in the upcoming patches. Upcoming Updates Discussion
  8. oh my GOD, new cumshot unbearable! how annoying this worm ... make a jet as it was before !!! THIS IS LOOKING WERY WERY UGLY!!! If earlier we had spraying of sperm and this did not spoil the general picture of the fact that sperm flies through the body. That is when an smooth WORM passes through a person on through ... FUCK, FULL DEGRADATION, 3DX DIES! save the 3dxchat from death! How to improve the new version of sperm? answer: 1) Correction of the angle of outgoing jet of sperm is necessary 2) prohibit passage through the body 3) make flight spray drops sperm on the area p.s. This survey shows more that people are not satisfied with the work done and quality control. Why are we talking about the past version of sperm? Because he did not look so ridiculous compared to the new. The only thing we want is more quality with updates ...
  9. Today,I downloaded the game, but I can't update to 375. Please help me.
  10. Hi guys! Here is a screenshot of the ambient lighting settings. Also in the next patch will be improved lighting and crash bug fixes.
  11. I just now went to log in, 3DX worked last night, Today I went to login and got a patch UPDATE and now guess what? I have these messages sprawled across my 3DX log in . PUT YOUR VR Headset on, *Which I do not even have one* Your video card does not support shaders 3.0 (bullshit my video card is fine its a gaming computer video card) Could not connect to server (um duh cannot do anything at all, now tell me something new) Wrong email or password (had not even put in either) Your membership has expired, renew ( again bullshit, I have 3 months left) Your account ... blah blah blah (I cannot see the rest for the big BLUE put on your VR Headset sign) We are unde...(Again cannot read the rest for the big blue put on your VR headset sign) Queue: ITS A MESS. What are you going to do to fix it? And I hope its soon cause right now nothing is working!!!!!!!
  12. Installed the patch just now got the above error, bu the folder it mentions is present and correct. Do I need to reinstall will it just happen again as soon as I try and install the patch?
  13. LOL ?! everytime you make a new patch, there is new bugs... but this time... congratz lol UPDATED BY ADMIN: 1) Add the patcher to the exception list of your Firewall and Antivirus software. 2) Run the patcher as administrator (Right-click on Patcher.exe file and then click Run as Administrator) If the problem persists, reinstall the game with the latest version: http://3dxchat.com/support/#updates Also please send us your output_log.txt file from Patcher_Data folder to support@sexgamedevil.com We will try to find out more about your problem and fix it. Thanks!
  14. This is how the surroundings of room 1 look after patch 367: Kisses Zokora
  15. I didn't find this thread, so I thought it might be useful for all dll jumpers ,-) New patch 361 just came in 2 minutes ago. Have fun! Gamma
  16. Lisa

    Patch #362

    Hello 3DXChat Community! I want to thank you all for your patience in waiting for the next update. VR and gamepad support as well as all new content is waiting for you in Patch #362. Here is a more detailed list of the new features: 07.04.2017 - First person view (POV) Support: default mode, VR mode; - Prints for many clothes; - Added clothes; - Added virtual keyboard (VR mode); - Added new sex animations; --------------- - Unity Engine version updated to Unity 5.5; - Blurry text has been corrected; - Decorations of the Character Editor has been changed to a cozy styled room in a loft; - Added a lot of pairs of shoes; - Added new props and surfaces in the Home Editor; - Support for virtual reality for the new generation of devices. In VR mode we have implemented UI support, Gamepad support and Virtual Keyboard support. You can write in the chat and view the gallery without needing to remove the VR headset. In developing VR and the Gamepad support we have focused up on the Oculus Rift CV1 and the Xbox Gamepad first. The patch has been delayed for some time due to the fact that the mode for virtual reality is in development and is adapted for the most comfortable time spent in the 3DXChat world. We will continue to add new content in the upcoming release. Thank you for being with us and being patient. Stay tuned and wait for more upcoming news!
  17. Hello 3DXChat Community! So as pointed out before I am working with the Developers to post patch notes, and upcoming development for 3DXChat. This will be the topic for that. So check back at this topic and info should be updated here accordingly but the big patch notes will still be posted on the Log In screen in future like normal and here. Regards MrAsh
  18. It has been a couple of weeks now since the patch with the new dance moves. I would like to say to the devs I have noticed a huge difference in 3DX since then. There are a lot more players logged in at any time now and most seem to be much happier and enjoying things much more than they have been. In particular the capability to now do M/F sync dancing has brought something that is bringing people together more than before. From what I understand Lisa is responsible for new animations and I would like to congratulate her on a job well done. Something I would like peoples opinions on is something that has been talked about a huge amount in the game. Group syncing or multiple people syncing. I have noticed that almost every time I am in NC I see people trying to sync with more than 2 people, trying to time when to come in. Some do succeed but it is not easy to do and if you are like me and suffer from lag it is pretty much impossible. Different ways have been discussed where the devs may be able to supply something to do this. A group dance button where people are added to a group dance similar to how people are added to a group chat. Having a clock in the game that we could try and time a start to, these are just a couple of things that have been suggested. Some want it to still be a bit of a challenge to do so and others think it should just be quick auto setup. So guys I would like to know what you think of the new dances and what you think may be able to be done to allow group syncing.
  19. Kathera

    Patch Notes

    Hey people. I was just wondering if ther could be patch notes released for each update, even when it isn't a majot one. Just would like to know what got updated/changed/fixed.
  20. Guest

    Time to Patch People

    There a new patch today : 2014-04-15 3dxchat client version 184 It bring the new shirt for men.
  21. Hi everyone, since the last patches 207 and 208, radio is glitching then totally stop in the maps, and at home too. I noticed this problem today, i asked people, not everyone have this problem... But a lot of people play without music in the game now... Hope this bug will be fixed soon do not hesitate to report here if your game has no music... Thx
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