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  1. Better communication, frequent update, more inventory and poses, focus on social side not always sex poses. could be added mystery solving puzzles, organize certain events by 3dx (not players), better vanilla rooms instead current outdated garbage. perhaps structure like city where people can do something instead being afk all the time. by the way as current update inventory still sucks (just got few bras and wedding dress nothing more). usual active members aren't much if you exclude all those afk trash. if they implant system like SL where player is afk for an hour numbers will be dropped to 30% i guess. you need a vision to take the game to next level. Dev. first need communication course. Metaverse has begun. in this pace one days it will eat 3dx as many play to ear game are coming online if 3dx won't evolve.
  2. as usual inventory sucks.. all we got few bras and panties. poses are as usual. working hard seems work of few days.
  3. Development of game ( fantasy ). Upcoming update 40 more new clothes (25 for female + 15 for male) 10 fashion poses 4 selfie poses with actual phone 30 sex poses ( 4 cum + 5 gangbang + 3 MFFF + 3 MMMF + 8 MF + 2 FF + 5 extra ) Introducing new City map which will have bar, apartment, police station, club New game token system which will be used to rent spaces or hire people. First step toward game in market to let creators earn tokens by selling their stuff New winter map for upcoming Christmas event. Share your idea what feature you want to see in the game.
  4. Lol Regular update is hard to get and you are expecting Halloween update. it seems dev. has lost interest in game. if it wasn't for the players who arrange regular parties or events 3dx would have been dead now. in other game they regularly have events or parties ( SL) this is another reason why game need team of few people or outsource instead of 2 people. meanwhile enjoy post from fetish ass or current/last song. this is only thing left with half dosen memebers on forum.
  5. Lexxxxi

    Dead or nah?

    well lately most rooms sucks. some good players no longer playing anymore. you can play as your own RP. Game actually need improvement more customization and non sexual poses and clothes but again all fantasy. but there isn't any update anymore
  6. Because except half a dozen people ( current / last song, fetish or asian images ) its dead. most people moved to twitter.
  7. men are always the loser in the game because they never demand anything. they just want quick sex on dance floor or toilet or sofa..that's it. in fact all girls are also clones, sometime it will give you feeling of fucking another sis or bro. because they all are same. game urgent basis needs character customization based on age, race and color with different facial features but all we can dream. updates are hard to comeby in 3dx. let's hope that decade later we might get. it actually need vision and passion to create proper things with team of few artists. 2 people can't do anything. meanwhile you can have fun with dildo.
  8. in reality many players have left game and i have also lost many friends because there isn't any quality update. World editor is too time consuming and complicate to work on so without proper market monetization don't think people want to waste their time. in the beginning they create but after sometime they also lost interest. world is also outdated. it needs whole new update.
  9. wait a minute Ex or others will come excuse soon
  10. old people get mean... you better hang in that g club of yours.
  11. problem of old people. its again if i ain't get this shit you ain't get it too. no wonder game neither got quality update nor decent market. if this game have added atleast 50 poses per year + 20 clothes. game would have been rich enough but why care when old people pumping in the G club. just because some old people oppose market we get neither get update not market..shit old people
  12. i think i have read somewhere here that those names will be banned along with BBCs but again future..
  13. wouldbe..future again. dev can't fix years old bug and expect new things its like asking dad for new clothes then he gives you lollipop. abt those garbage rooms don't think will ever be changed otherwise those old people will start screaming like they did when people ask in game market system... there are lot of if. those could have been / would have been overcome if there few more people working on game with serious interest. look at this forum apart from half a dozen to 1 dozen people see anything ?(some bored people post nude pics as life sucked) nah..only solution in the game and forum is to ban player or close signup option instead of addressing the issues. SL, RLD did these type of rooms but 3dx maybe next century. btw remember code name Huge update back in feb ? got dildo in the box nothing more
  14. now know why Dev. doesn't care to give quality update when old people keep pumping their checks while being at G club but lately rape room seems popular again.
  15. I met many of them.. they always hang in garbage club. Just being afk there..rarely talk, dance or sex.they will also oppose many new things. You will find them almost all time. Old people out of juice
  16. no need for user created content. Simply add in game market. Those who wish will buy using xgold. Might never happen as most old people (players) opposite it. It’s like if I ain’t get that shit so do you....
  17. it's dev. job to do that but why wouldn't they refuse when someone is doing it for free .
  18. lol it took you years to realize. players have been saying it for years. better ask old people in sin club. company needs to register not on web but department of what country.
  19. 3dx is already open source if you look it closely. player name noire is taking care of customer care service by survey (free of charge) someone is creating free clothes (free of charge) players create free rooms (free of charge) only need player to rent a server (ofc free of charge), bug fixer (free of charge) and pose creator (again free of charge) while Dev. enjoy fat checks
  20. couldn't have said better. this is the reason even after 8 years bugs are there, inventory sucks and same old boring poses. this game could have out performed second life
  21. sometime i also think people are blaming pirated 3dx game for no reason but still they get new clothes and poses free of chargei guess since there is no copyright anyone can use it.
  22. what's the point of all these survey ? there is no change. bugs are there. DC happen time to time and there is no quality update.. 0 communication. so why are you wating your valuable time ? you are making dev more lazier than already are by doing all these free nonsense stuff.
  23. exactly. total waste. this year except dildo no quality update besides people like her making dev more lazier. why to hire artist when some noobs provide it free
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