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  1. Hello dear developers. I really like your game, it's wonderful, but it's very little known, so bad online (only 800-1000 maximum) I found out about the game absolutely by accident - it's wrong, a lot of people are interested in such a game, but just don't know anything about it. I really want to ask you to arrange for your game to be added to STEAM - this is the most popular gaming platform. Thousands of players will know about your game. I know what I'm talking about, there are no such games at all, it will be very popular on Steam (they allowed adding games with "erotic content" there). There is not enough content in the game, so the main thing is communication, and there are almost no new players. You don't lose anything if new players don't come - you can then delete the game from STEAM Thank you if you read it P.S Sorry for my English
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