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  1. We want clothed sex! We need clothed sex! We deserve clothed sex! We plead for clothed sex! We demand clothed sex! We wish for clothed sex! We dream of clothed sex! (Who 'we', you ask? Oh, you silly. Obviously me, my sanity, and everyone who has even an ounce of taste or class.) Because I'm a nice person. Or at least I want to be. Or like .. I at least want to seem like I want to be, occasionally. I'm not even going to say how UTTERLY STUPID it is that the moment I sit on a couch with a guy, he pulls off his pants, I touch his cock and my skirt flies away into another dimension (not even saying a good bye. Look i'd be fine with that If I got a beautiful handwritten letter from my skirt every time this happened, but I DON'T!). I wont say how UTTERLY STUPID the person who in the first place came up with that idea, must have been. I wont say how UTTERLY STUPID it is they never changed that. I wont say how UTTERLY STUPID the developers seem for not being able to do what player mods achieved. I wont say how UTTERLY STUPID the developers seem for killing the third party mod and saying they will add the feature and then make it so that ONLY DRESSES can be worn during sex. I'm not even going to waste your time by saying all the reasons why this HAS TO BE a thing. I just kindly ask you: Please let me wear my clothes when I have sex. ^^ *love* *kisses* *hugs* *angry stare* *pissed stare* *annoyed stare* *grabbing a knife and waving it before you as I tremble all over my body with fury stare* ALL OF THEM! (the knife part is a joke, don't call the cops on me!) NOW!
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