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  1. if you want the simplest streaming service, try ZENO MEDIA, having spent 10 days trying multiple other sites.....this one was ready to broadcast in around 10 minutes, of me watching their nice clear videos. only downside is length time it takes uploading mp3's to the autodj.....but once done it works fine.....
  2. I've not had that problem all day, been on and building for over 9 hours, but all the poses are either broken, air guitar, back to keyboards drumming in the wrong place, also once in a pose, i'm stuck there, i have to leave the room to move again.... Anyone have a fix for the poses?
  3. Would be nice to work offline aswell, less distractions that way, or complaints that i'm ignoring ppl......
  4. Also load the item(s), in an empty world, they tend to appear by the ''spawning pad'', then place large flashing box by them & save and use that file
  5. More jewelry full stop, earrings (studs, hoops, etc), bracelets, necklaces/chains, tiaras/hairclips, rings(plain bands, wedding rings etc), and piercings (both for girls & guys). In fact almost all of these for all three sexes, let the gurls have the option of a prince albert, nipple rings, sparkly earrings & a tiara.
  6. I wouldn't mind a staff role, more than happy to entertain.
  7. Hi, I'd be more than happy to join you in some role playing, so by all means ask me in the game, i use the same name as here Love n kisses, Missy
  8. Yes, i did, thanks, it does help a bit, but it doesn't help for a pre-existing large club, but thank you anyway
  9. Hi folks, i'm trying to load some BDSM equipement into a room, with no success so far. Has anyone done a simple easy to follow video tutorial, on the subject, one that also explains it all step by step, and why you do it that way. With a nice little explaination of all the controls needed. Thanks for any help in advance
  10. 3dxmodz has several more font styles.
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