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  1. Good to hear there are still good roleplayers. Hope to see you soon in game my name is catlyn and try to contact me in game
  2. Hİ there all my name is Catlyn and i am looking for new players who are good at roleplaying. 3dxchat is much more fun with roleplays of course. We had been in somerolplays before and that was fantastic. Nearly every scenario was about 4 - 6 players. We played "husbands horny wife helps him to get that promotion from his boss" , "Sinful desires" , "husbands bad day at brothel" etc. Our scenarios mostly focus on some sexual roleplay. Some scenarios may have more some not. Now we (mostly i) need more people to roleplay these scenarios. Other than common roleplays scenarios are more fun due to crowded people and many roles that can be played by players. So if you are interested in play scenarios with us be sure to contact me in game. My name is Catlyn. Best wishes and have fun
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