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  1. I will say that the first thing that caught my eye when I wandered around inside this world was the graphics. The breeze through the leaves, the waves in the water,etc. The avatars look cool. I will be excited when there are more nicer dresses for night clubs or formal wear. More tattoo options will be cool but I do love the current ones. I think more snowy winter locations would be cool to design. I love beaches but wandering around a winter cabin in the mountains with snow falling with these graphics would be awesome.
  2. would love to see more nice dresses to wear that go down a little bit longer. Nice fancy black dress for formal wear.
  3. StephanieSolo

    Say Hello!

    Hello everyone, I have been a member since just before New Year's Eve. I am finally not running into people. I had to get used to using my mouse to get around. It is nice meeting everyone. 😀
  4. I would love to see more winter like locations created. I can only imagine how awesome the falling snow would look like with the cool graphics you have in world. IF that were to happen though, we need the clothing designers to create some cute winter clothes. 😀
  5. I am quite content with the set up. I went with the "description of who I am in world and in RL" in my profile route.
  6. OMG, if I ever really invest time in reading this thread and taking the time to learn in which I could make tattoos, I might let out a shriek that will both amaze and scare you!!!! 🤣
  7. I never thought about streaming services like Netflix but I have seen other online worlds like this one in which you could watch movies in world. It was cool designing movie theaters and/or Drive In theaters to give yourself a break from non stop dancing at clubs.
  8. Can never have enough tattoo options in my opinion. 😀
  9. I would love to see more wintery designs created- winter homes, winter lodges,etc and if this was to happen, we are going to need some cute winter clothes.
  10. OMG, I would love to see this added along with other nice dresses.
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