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  1. Any new clothes coming down the pipe? I am sure guys could have a few more options but I am seeking to see more variety in dresses.
  2. and on a selfish side, I truly wish it could snow in here. I would love to have a mountain side cabin home with snow on the ground but also falling snow. With that, I would love more winter outfits. ha ha I am sure there is some crazy software response that will be given to me so in the meantime while you are responding to my demands, can I at least have a few more dresses made available in the closet. Not everything has to be micro short. Would love summer like dresses. In any way, I am happy to meet everyone.😀
  3. As someone who is still very new as I entered on New Years Eve 2019, I will add my 2 cents. I only participate regularly in one other online world(game to some of you, I hate the word game). I like the wider variety of clothes in that other location. More dresses for sure. Winter clothes are awesome although I realize they wouldn't come of much use in here unless someone can finally make falling snow possible as if that occurs, I want( I mean DEMAND) that I try to own a winter cabin with falling snow outside in the mountains. I will give credit to the so called graphics in here. I was amazed at how nice the ocean water moves in here, the breeze is seen in trees and the avatars do look very cool. While I get it.... Sex is a key part of many of these games and the extra amount of moves in here are a nice feature, I do think that the ultimate version of one of these games/online worlds will be one that combines a community like feel with dance clubs and other meet up locations. I have seen amusement parks with some rideable rides in some of these places. I have seen one of these online games with drive in movie theaters with streaming movies. It breaks up the same old same old with alternate locations to hang out with your online friends. Just some of my opinions.
  4. I was able to control my snow in Utherverse. I can't believe with some of you who might have this building down inside of here can't figure out the wonders of snow. Please, please, please make it be so. 😲
  5. OMG, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see falling snow. Rain would be cool as well but oh my gosh, I would do crazy things to finally somehow get a winter cabin in the mountains with falling snow.
  6. I would also like to ask that lingerie be separated into it's own category and not be put in the dresses category in the closet.
  7. I simply would like to see more options for dresses of all sizes/lengths. They don't all have to be micro length although those that are out there to wear are cute. Also, IF we ever see more winter location designs being created, can we have some of you clothing experts design some cute winter like outfits? 😎
  8. I would love to see falling snow at a winter cabin in the mountains like set up. 😲
  9. I will say that the first thing that caught my eye when I wandered around inside this world was the graphics. The breeze through the leaves, the waves in the water,etc. The avatars look cool. I will be excited when there are more nicer dresses for night clubs or formal wear. More tattoo options will be cool but I do love the current ones. I think more snowy winter locations would be cool to design. I love beaches but wandering around a winter cabin in the mountains with snow falling with these graphics would be awesome.
  10. would love to see more nice dresses to wear that go down a little bit longer. Nice fancy black dress for formal wear.
  11. StephanieSolo

    Say Hello!

    Hello everyone, I have been a member since just before New Year's Eve. I am finally not running into people. I had to get used to using my mouse to get around. It is nice meeting everyone. 😀
  12. I would love to see more winter like locations created. I can only imagine how awesome the falling snow would look like with the cool graphics you have in world. IF that were to happen though, we need the clothing designers to create some cute winter clothes. 😀
  13. I am quite content with the set up. I went with the "description of who I am in world and in RL" in my profile route.
  14. OMG, if I ever really invest time in reading this thread and taking the time to learn in which I could make tattoos, I might let out a shriek that will both amaze and scare you!!!! 🤣
  15. I never thought about streaming services like Netflix but I have seen other online worlds like this one in which you could watch movies in world. It was cool designing movie theaters and/or Drive In theaters to give yourself a break from non stop dancing at clubs.
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