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  1. 1. No microphone isn't required, can use one on your stream if you DJ though if you want to. 2. yeah you can /me which will turn your writing purple like /me says hi would appear like RaspberryKisses says hi 3. That's personal choice, you are limited to a certain amount of letters per post (can't remember the number) so you can emote, not emote, paragraph or not as long as it fits in the limit....or just write multiple messages. Would all depend on what you and/or your partner prefer. 4. 3DX is smaller compared to some so you can go to the public rooms, some are busier than ot
  2. 180 turn, 360 would put you right back where you were.
  3. That looks good, also saves the front of the thigh just having hair flowing down when you look from the front
  4. Really like the arms and the right hip The whole thing is nice and would be good in pieces or as a whole (although it is a lot of faces) The large face on the right leg kind of irks me, only because most faces on tattoos should face inwards, towards the person. But the placement of that one would mean her looking directly at his junk lol I'm not sure about the chest, could go roses to tie in with the hip, or like you said, an inscription of some kind. Or you could put inscription across stomach and maybe something like a lion on the chest? I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas
  5. *waves at Stella (and Dee when she wakes up) and sends squishes* Doing good thanks Hope all is good x Hopefully they give out some info soon, bit of a shitty thing to do to so many people with no explanation.
  6. Have all the people banned used some kind of line art in their ads? I'm wondering if that is the trigger?
  7. From my (very loose) understanding, even after a restart the 'queries' would still be being sent so it would have the same effect even after a restart. To carry on IntroNatika's analogy, you could leave the room/building (restart) and re-enter the room and you would still have the 100s of people talking at you. It's the people that need to go away rather than you for it to end. I could very well be wrong but that's what I take it as? And i go nuts after 3 or 4 people talking to me at the same time, nevermind 100s lol
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