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  1. So you're OK with having a very limited selection of clothing? You're OK with looking in either direction and seeing a person wearing the exact same thing you're wearing? Come on, I find that hard to believe, people like to be original, they like variety, and a variety is something we really don't have right now.
  2. What would be disgusting about it? The fact that people can show off their artwork of clothing? Or the fact that YOU would have more options for clothing?
  3. I feel like the clothing line is extremely limited, especially when you're going around and seeing everyone wearing the same thing everywhere. Let's add new clothing to the game, another option would be to develop some kind of "marketplace" or store, where we can go to spend out Xcoin to buy different clothing, maybe even make it so users can upload content to sell as well.
  4. Who said anything about confusing the two? Sounds like you just ASSUME someone is confusing the two....
  5. Hey, I was only quoting someone else who said to change servers.....The only options I see on my end are US Direct and EU proxy, and both failed to connect multiple times....
  6. Curious, because I can't even get in to the game....Exactly how do you change to a different server?
  7. Yeah, I was able to register and pay my subscription, then the site went down for me, couldn't even download the software for it yet LOL
  8. This is happening to everyone, not just you, it's due to an attack, they're working to fix the issue to get everyone online.
  9. There's another forum saying there's an attack, I'll give it a little while longer to see what happens.
  10. I never even got the chance to play yet, I just signed up literally yesterday, and it's been down since, I accessed the site just long enough to create my account LOL
  11. I'm bored too, don't see me attacking anyone LOL
  12. Anymore news on the server being down? Any idea when it'll be up and running again?
  13. I was getting impatient to give it a try, paid for it, now I STILL can't try it LOL
  14. Right? Not a very good first experience LOL. I thought about getting it a while ago already, actually, but didn't want to pay for something if I wasn't sure if I would keep using it, but I apparently got brave this time about it and paid for a month to see how it is
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