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  1. here i made a placement, which I think could work, if you give me the ok ill start loading the tattoos https://gyazo.com/58235dd5158b0b921486af8488334142 Close
  2. @THX of course I understand, but I can't physically create 50 identical tattoos on every single limb, at that point it is better if 3dx develops a positioning system. I can only create tattoos in this way, try to imagine browse 50 micro tattoos, all the same design for over 50/60/70 or 100 designs , the users would tire of looking for them. and above all I do not have the patience haha. All other 3d chat use THIS system guys, it is tiring and frustrating to place so many small tattoos anywhere. we can create 10 if you want, but 50 not ... they are too many πŸ˜‰
  3. Ok guys, I tried to make sense of it all, I tried to make it as minimal as possible. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to write them Torso : Middle of chest / a little mandala under boobs phrase - look for the rainbow in every storm under arm - a little diamond diamond near leg - moon and sun beck neck - triangle with familia write on it Right arm - horus eye + anchor traditional Left arm - wolf minimal on top + 2 black stripes + Q of hearts (and we can add K for king on male ver.) Left leg - All you need is to fall + origami Right leg - big Geometrical fox What you think about it?
  4. Ok guys to help me i inserted a photo with numbers. Write if you can what you would like as symbols or tattoos (better if you have reference like @THX ) We will try to make a minimal one with all the details. The map is for women, but obviously it also works for men.
  5. But in fact I meant 3dx, Unity is an incredible graphics engine. A large number of games are developed in unity and are great. For now let's proceed with the possibilities we have. Maybe in the future we will see new updates😍
  6. Fantastic news, in this case everything changes! Ty ex
  7. Oh ok! But in that case the design would always be the same we could try 😊 but I don't think the result would be great Above all because in the end we would only use one tattoo Sure we could put any element, but in the end who would put only a tattoo?
  8. As I explained above, there is no way to move them, at least at the moment. We can create a tattoo together, maybe putting different styles together. But moving them is not possible. i'm sorry @Derai
  9. I don't think it can be done, @Vampixie the system in which you see tattoos is because they are present in a single file. I don't think unity can mix multiple parts together. I'm sorry
  10. @Leeloo the new women's has a spider under the breast, you can see it above πŸ•·οΈ
  11. In fact it could be done...but it is a way of respecting us it [is a way of respecting us] i prefer not to touch textures of other creators. but if of course, if other content creators want, we can mix the different designs
  12. here you can see the new tattoos that will be included in the next update
  13. Hi guys i open this thread in agreement with @Lisa We want to add new tattoos, both male and female. We try to create tattoos together, you send me the ideas and i will try to insert them in the game. obviously the staff will have to approve itπŸ˜‰ Yhe next one i was thinking about is something about poker. @Doreenaasked to put something on the queen of spades. Any other ideas? J
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