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  1. And now, I need to endure connect lost again and again, I got lost at least 10 times today when my internet always working and stable 😑 What time will you fixed these bugs and maintain good connection quality? @Gizmo @Lisa ? πŸ‘Ώ
  2. I must to say, still get the shit bugs like these pics Is this your bugs fixed? @Gizmo @Lisa Why you still can't fixed them? 😀 Well, as long as the people in the room more than 40, this kind of shit will happen!!! Or we get the clothes-sex now hun? Not only them, I still can't see my friend when they in the room, only can see they chat in the location, even can't hugs them or lots of barely, naked people in the room and Clothes still broken...etc Every bugs we told you.... BUGS ARE NOT FIXED Very Very Suck!!!! So they are yours bugs fixed? @Gizmo @Lisa πŸ€”
  3. We looking forward to fix bugs, hope will fix which we told you, not only tattoo @Gizmo @Lisa πŸ˜‰ because my black(#000000) color was gone!!!! And I'm not sure how many bugs now, really hope you can fix them first!!!! Thank you! @Gizmo @Lisa ☺️
  4. Although very glad 3DX update very quickly (well, for a long time not update now) But always hope @Gizmo @Lisa can fix bugs first Like lots of people said, we always need reload room lots of times, because when a couple starts sexing, their clothes aren't removed(or we can sex with clothes now? πŸ€”), after reload, other couples start will get the same problems again Also, when we dance, sometimes can find our clothes are broken And sometimes can't see some people in the room, but can see they are chat in local, and sometimes can't do anything when choices "cuddle". Well... it
  5. ohhh that's too bad and sick, hope you will not meet them
  6. Thank you This is great help for novices
  7. Combined with the above... We need more pose!!! or... We need the sex pose editor!!!
  8. I have played those that you said, but they all make me not want to play There are a lot of shapes or position that can be designed by yourself, that's a awesome idea!But after so long time, can't optimize the picture quality? Many games are great, but the picture quality is really uncomfortable And you said the trial version for free, I think it makes sense But you do it and have restrictions...mmm...Why not open the test directly like Gizmo and close it after a while?Everyone can try and play happily for a while, and can find problems, why not to do this?Though there are many problems, s
  9. People are greedy when they got the free time Or unfortunately, they didn’t leave contact information But who knows? No matter how Gizmo do it, people will complain him I'm waiting for Christmas discounts ( if there is... ), if lucky to get an online payment way Because this game must be paid online, but I'm used to cash
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