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  1. This all looks familiar. Truth.
  2. You implied that MarMohan was not female because she does not agree with your views. Truth.
  3. I do not speak for you, I can also use analogies that do not accurately apply to the matter at hand. Truth.
  4. Every good drama needs a protagonist and an antagonistic. What roles you and I fall into are very much up for debate and interpretation. Truth.
  5. I commend the UK's night time, because Perimede goes to sleep. Truth.
  6. I am a descendant of the Slapaho Tribe. Truth.
  7. Refusing to be reactive and not using the ignore feature is like refusing to prosecute a home invader because the crime should have been prevented before it had ever occurred, with the perpetrator having been raised better by his parents and counseled properly much earlier in his life when showing signs of criminal behavior. Truth. * - edited for you sir.
  8. The vast majority of us do not exist on forums to make you happy. Truth.
  9. You failed to mention sirbigmac. Truth.
  10. I am grateful for my family, my friends, my good health, my dog and of course, the Truth.
  11. This compromise you speak of is know as the ignore feature. Truth.
  12. I stole Pierrousss' room. I then filled it full of alcohol and big black dicks and shined it up real nice, turned that sum'bitch sideways and shoved it straight up his candy ass. Truth.
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