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  1. 3 months without content update 🤐🙄
  2. Heya @Gizmo want to respond to this post because it's been 4 months since i reported the off gang members who are caught cheating and yet none of them was banned and added that you go and make members of the off gang who will change their profile and remove "off gang" like this big asshole
  3. I too disconnect every 15 minutes without any explanation
  4. Heya everybody >..< Can someone explain to me how to make the color flashy? Before it was possible with the DLL but now that it is the method >..<
  5. d8ce742a45fed10937240b9edf806d6f.mp4 3d55d0cf4a3ef8365587c561fc880faa.mp4 17f710c335d9b42be5dd9824a6bbe2a5.mp4 2efc538e84eba02ecbd30f40ddebd0b8.mp4
  6. maybe it's body painting update that's crash game ?
  7. Aww so bad it's every time Friday night
  8. @gottaGo maybe you guys do not mind wearing the same clothes and the same hairstyle for many years, but after a year I'd like to change my hairstyle or have new clothes Everyone is over 18 years old and must know how to control his credit card each decides what he buys or not on the Internet the majority of my friends who are in the game and there are many agree with me that it is not normal that there is no store to buy clothes accessories and something else for the game.
  9. @alex9110 Do you speak for the majority of players no i'm not sure =^.^=
  10. Hello Gizmo I have a question to ask you we are in 2019 the majority of games that are free and even pay all pass a shop in which we can buy cosmetics for the characters why the game 3DX which in development for 6 years do not still does not have one do not you want our money ?
  11. Hello everyone I would like to know is the construction of the room while it is open to the public and permanently remove ??
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