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  1. hahahah soon you will claim you invented the Wheel. So you are saying you never make something similar to other´s? Did you invend Rock party, did you invend Orgy, did you invend Escort club, i dont dont think so.
  2. wtf is going on? Is it amateur´s running this game
  3. I´m pretty sure it´s a chinese bat causing this problem
  4. I dont understand why male character always have boner on, when they are naked. Everything in game looks so real. But the male boner looks stupid and not real at all. it´s not normal for me to see a man runs around with boner on, in my beach. It cant be difficult to make, a button or something for option.
  5. I wanna thank all ppl took part of my opening, it was so nice to have you all. Special thx to Vendy and Alivia for awesome music.
  6. If i understand this right, then Dany bought the club for money. then it must be his club If i buy a house, then the builder company cant come and say it is there house. Tell me if im wrong.
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