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  1. I've had this issue in the past and turning off antivirus usually allows it to work for me.
  2. Similar thing happening to me. I was playing in the beta last night and my game crashed and now I can't open the beta at all. When I try and open it, nothing happens.
  3. I haven't opened up world chat in years. I treat it like I do most social media, just turn it off and ignore it.
  4. The first few years the game was out, I remember men use to walk around with flaccid penis when not in sexual poses. I'm not sure why that changed that.
  5. They actually were soft cocks in game years ago and they changed it.
  6. Maybe it is an unimaginable dream, but then again maybe they should not have started a poll a few years ago asking players if they wanted it if that is the case.
  7. I remember years ago when they use to put things like pumpkins in the nightclub at Halloween that would turn you into a ghost. Not sure why they took things like that out.
  8. I was thinking more of a kick in the testicles pose personally.
  9. I usually don't comment very often about anything here, but I have to say that you are 100 % correct. I was thinking to myself, how many years that I have paid a subscription here for about 6 years now, well over $1,000...and the same simple clothing items have been asked for since the beginning. That is honestly ridiculous, and I feel that is very insulting to players that have played and paid as much as I have, and before anyone says it, I know that I don't have to pay. I just can't see it any other way than peoples wants and wishes are being completely ignored.
  10. I agree...if I had chosen to just randomly have sex with every guy that asked, without even feeling anything...I would have made it about a month and never played again.
  11. For me personally, this isn't very exciting because I don't use this. I am happy for the people that do, so I will hope the other part of the update is something I will enjoy.
  12. I turned off my anti-virus and it let me in, then I turned it back on
  13. I thought they said current members would play for free until things are fixed? Or maybe I read it wrong because I just got charged yesterday for another month of membership that I can't cancel because I can't log on.
  14. I can't log in either, just tells me I am like 150 in queue and when if finally starts to let me in, it just disconnects.
  15. Was working fine for me all morning, but now I can't stay connected.
  16. I had the same issue....I created another user account In windows and logged in under that account and the game works fine.
  17. I'm having this exact issue as well.....can't read any profiles and 0 gold as well....I've tried everything and nothing works.
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