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  1. A quick fix might be to turn off the notification sounds for worldchat and just have it for local and DM's?
  2. Sorry, I reread my post. I should have said that I think a lot of your ideas are really good. My wariness is around changes that make personal interactions making the game more transactional which really only is relevant for the ability to accumulate gold to pay the monthly fee.
  3. I was a long time player in an uther game with transactional currency. I moved across to 3dxchat in 2014. I hope the revenue model remains a monthly subscription. Players working to make enough for their monthly subscription is a good way to ruin the game in my view.
  4. @GizmoCould we have the ability to add the pillory/ stocks poses in our rooms without the actual stocks?
  5. About me:

    I am a wannabe cuckold. There are many types and my personal version is not for everyone but my fantasy is loving my wife but not being able to satisfy her sexual needs. So she cheats on me. I never admit that I like it. In fact I complain relentlessly when I find out she does. 
    She usually starts pretending that nothing is going on with some other guy but she enjoys mocking me when I find out and flaunts his masculinity in front of me. Telling me that he is a real man. Making me look at his penis and admit to her that he is much more of a man than me. 
    When we go out together she often asks my opinion on what she should wear. I always think it’s for me that she dresses up. She knows how much skintight shiny pants and other outfits turn me on. But inevitably I realise those outfits aren’t for me. 

  6. Some things I like…


  7. I would love to chat if you are into role play and/or cuckolding. Can chat on discord if easier 

  8. If there are any beautiful women out there who want a devoted cuck please let me know? Send me a message?
  9. I have a cuckold fantasy I would love to share
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