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  1. In general i think its a good idea and heres some of my ideas -we need a lot more clothes, not every girl like to look like a slut, -it will be awsome if we have more options to customize our bodies, lik height or different body shapes so we can have more diversity and a more real avatar to interact -as long as the animation is highly detailed, the trancision between poses doesn exist it maybe very difficult to create a transition for esach one but a lot of them can have a natural transition that can have like a min animation clip -an action inside the pose, i mean if im riding some guy or doing some doggy style, there can be an action like squezze the breast or slap or kiss, like we already have with the moan action -obviously more poses are needed the basic ones to play with womans breast, titjob, sucking nipples; in my particular case more foot fetish poses will be lovely, and some group sex options like gangbangs or foursomes or something like that -the ability to manage our clothes nevermind the pose, for example if im giveng a blowjob in a toilet of a bar, i dont need to be completly naked, to be half clothes or a transition image or animaton to remove the clothes and not simply dissappear hope it help a little
  2. youre right all in all is justa agame is notlike somene force you to play but come one some guys could try a little more, even like a real life experiment.
  3. beacuse baby you are an oldschool gentelman, and you have been raised to be one, i think most of the guys who act like assholes are young guys in his early 20s or so, they dont have the same culture and education a guy your age has
  4. youre right wahtever you decide to play as respect and kindness should be at front, and i dont speak for just in the game situations, even in real life guys (mostly young guys) are acting like assholes. they think a woman will drop her panties just for a horrible dickpic or a patetic pickupline, and you just have to let them have thir way, i blame the porn indutry lol it kills the romance
  5. i really dont think that treating like real life its healty, i mean its justa a game but even in a virtual relity i think respect should be a given
  6. I actually think most of that woman in the game are actually guys running a girls avatar.
  7. What its really sad is that this crapy behaviour is also in real life. Some guys dont know how to talk to a lady and its very sad that young guys thinks that a picture of their dick is the way to get in someone pants. Its very disapointing
  8. Thats right a couople of minutes of chat wont hurt anybody.
  9. maybe i didnt write it right; english is not my native lenguaje.
  10. Its been very disapointing lately that whrn inlog on to have some fun all i found is horny assholes who only insult or degrade a woman and think that will give them a chance. And what aboutbthe ones who only said " hey nice ass i want to fuck you" Wahts wtong with guys lately im aware its a sex based game but seriously none a 5 minutes conversation after getting in to it. Come on. Girls want to be seduced and turned on boys not just boring clicking poses sex. Am i right?
  11. Absolutly lovely thanks very much for the time and effort and for sharing. We hope it came to reallity soon for everyone Kisses
  12. Absolutly lovely thanks very much for the time and effort and for sharing. We hope it came to reallity soon for everyone Kisses
  13. I really love your job hope it can come to reallity soon If you dont mind can you get some foot fetish poses for me
  14. Take me some time to read all the posts but here i find some fantastic ideas. I always think this game is more based on FM interactions and a lot of girls i play with think the same. Lesbian girls has a lot more things in their mind and a lot more ways to make love than the game give us. Theres is a lot more touching involved. Maybe some sex toys and some breast play poses and in my particular case some foot fetish poses will be nice. But also a lot more clothes will be nice some solo positio s with sex toys too. Maybe the developers need a girl advisor for creating new woman beed based content.
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