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Build Tricks for faster build

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Hi everyone 


This thread is about build tricks that I will share for faster build 

some may know some not so this thread is for those that dont :)


here is my first 


As u can see in the pic u have made a round platform and u wanna dress it with bars so u cant fall in water .

you have put some initial bars arround the platform n now u want to make some horizontal ones .


well the only thing u have to do is make only 2 of them in opposite direction ,then group those 2 .now since i made those vertical bars with 15 angle rotation ill use same angle for the horizontal and first ill copy and then ill start make new ones in perfect place







i will keep copy n rotate in 15 deegre angle 





then ill delete spare ones n we good to go u now perfectly have dressed the bars :)

its only a matter of few seconds :)



stay tuned for next build trick  muack 

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Lets say u want to make a cool beach n a terain with a nice angle leading to water 


we set values 0.25 for snap step n select the left magnet that is for snap step 


then 1st we select a square n then the triangle exactly inside the square .(u can achieve that by selecting the props u want without move ur camera so both props drop in same spot )



since both props are in the same spot u move by 0.25 the latest prop u placed

and they conect perfectly (this save u lots of time of fine tune props to be in same place )



u turn both props into sand and group them then having picked both u start enlarge them with the tool i have selected on the pic that will follow 



keep enlarge from both sides 



and in a matters of seconds u will have this perfect beach terain 




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making a dome with new props 


1st u set value for snap Angle on 90 degreeand also select the snap angle (magnet tool) also important is that for this one we set to PIVOT n not center :)

i pic ur prop then ctrl+D for place another copy n rotate 1 time on 90 preselected degree



keep copy n rotate :)


then u group it -selct it n paint it a color n a texture u like 


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lets say you already have a wall build and u want to make a gate( i have noticed many rooms arent perfectly connected cause ppl drop props randomly n then they try fine tune them to fit perfect but most cases they dont ^^ )


here is a quick tip/trick to make it perfect :)





here is our pink wall n we try connect perfectly that white gate(prop)

that white prop is 2 propsanyway not important .


so how we will conect it perfectly ...


1st we choose the white prop that u will see in the pic bellow then we select the hand tool n place the prop in the wall...





we rotate the prop at 90 degrees angle using Pivot 




then we movethe prop at the 0.25 snap step that we have selected and we have a perfect match :)




now i wanna mention something important 

when u start build its imperative to use snap step from the start of the build so all ur walls be same so they can be matched later perfectly but if u start drop props n random values u will come to loose it n nothing will fit n connect nice .



anyway i copied the prop rotated and make this gate and continued my wall 




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Lets move to more advance tools 

here i talk about the trasnform tool


so u wanna connect some stairs perfectly (see pic bellow)


in this situation we try connect those stairs in the blue wall so u can go up there but we want a perfect match :)

-1st important whenever u start a build u always have set snap values 



so what we wanna do here is open the trasnform tool and we gonna copy/paste the blue Y value to the stairs  (Y) stands for hight 

so i select blue wall -go to trasnfor tool copy the Y value then click the stairs n paste that value

and stairs go down like pic bellow :)



Now since i had set snap values from start on 0.25 snap step and knowing blue wall is 1 i only have to enable the snap step magnet so i every time i move stairs up it will move on 0.25 value 


move more ...



and here we have a perfect match :)



-snap step values +snap step+ transform tool=very powerful combination for a clean perfect building :)



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Something more advance

say you want to make a round stracture :)


1st -we always set snap values n select snap magnet :)


we drop a cube n using the trasnform we make that cube 10 for X value ( we gonna create a round stracture of 10 diameter )


now after this we gonna copy that stracture n we gonna paint  it pink so we can see it ,then using  using the tool next to the hand we srink the prop up to 0.25(or how thin we want our wall to be)



we do the same for the other prop also 


then we select both props n group them .

after that we will try a angle step value of say..10 degrees see if it works for us and copy the props n rotate


as u can see in the pic 10 degrees dont work ok so we will try 12 degrees (what we want is either to conect perfectly or have a lil distance between them ) so to not waste time now fine tuning we we let some small distance :)


ok thats good enough ..now we copy props n keep rotate at the latest angle step value we set 12 degrees 


keep on .. till we have this n then select all the props 



after that as u will see in the following pic

we pick the tool that we enlarge stuff(check following pic which tool i have pick ) and we choose center for now n we disenable snap step n fine tune all props same time to connect perfect with slow smooth moves :)



then we change from center to pivot mode to enlarge upwards but we also do it by selecting again snap step so we have fixed enlargment




and we have our cool round stracture with those simple easy steps :)



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