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Guest TrixyTrump

Bonjour Evoeo,
Essayez-vous de supprimer votre seul avatar / alt?
Si oui, vous devez ajouter un nouvel avatar / alt, puis supprimer ou choisir d'avoir votre avatar original / alt aller dormant.


Hello Evoeo,

Are you trying to delete your only avatar/alt?
If so, you need to add a new avatar/alt, then delete or choose to have your original avatar/alt go dormant.
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Sometimes i play the game remotly with teamviewer and (i don't know why) the rotation of the view does not works keeping clicked right mouse button.

Does exists a way to rotate the view using keyboard? 


Actually only WASD keys and EQ work... but not for rotating =(


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This is the Unity engine's "issue" (well, sorta).

Simply putting, Unity uses hardware mouse movement detection, while TeamViewer (or any other remote desktop system, including MS's RDP) can only use software emulation. So as long as Input.GetAxis() is used to acquire mouse position, there is no way to "fix" it on the user side. Though it is possible to walk around this by replacing all of the GetAxis() calls with a custom method tracking cursor's desktop position instead, obviously it can only be done in the game sources by the devs.


...or also it will be in my next mod release, whenever it's ready :)

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Guest RosieKalifornia


4. First time entering the game


After you entered the game with your very first character you will find yourself in your "Home 1".

The ingame tutorial will start right away, please follow it as it teaches you how to move around,

how to decorate/change your home and how you can change your avatar appearance/appearal.


If you want to go trough the tutorial any time in future, open the "Menu" by clicking the button at

the top right (alternativ ESC). Find at the bottom of the dialog "Reset Tutorial"


Is this function/option still available?


I have just joined but didn't get an in-game tutorial, nor do I have the option to restart it.

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You cannot delete your first avatar until after you create a second one. In other words, you must have at least one avatar at all time.


As for having to pay for more than one, we have already wasted pages and pages discussing that issue, so it shouldn't be hard to read up on if you look around a bit.

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On 9/22/2014 at 12:13 PM, Gizmo said:


In the next patch you should use Shift with these hotkeys, for example [shift] + [O] for Oculus Rift mode.

Q will be removed (it's a test FX)

And instead of H to hide GUI you should use [shift] + [Z]

Having to hold the shift key with any letter is a bad idea because of the fact that when we are typing somewhere for example when I type Club 21 with a capital C I lose my mouse again. I have only now just been shown the link to this manual and I've been in a game for a year and a half. I can't count how many times I have lost my mouse. And if you do a search for this issue in the forms, trust me there is a mountain of people that are having the same problem and losing their mouse cursor and are very frustrated with it. I think you should look at actually changing it to maybe the control key and different letters. Obviously control C wouldn't work because control C is to copy things. But maybe the control key and maybe the letter I don't know g or control s control a whatever. You know what I mean?

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You must meet at a room (the public beach is a typical place). Then you can add them as friends.

Some time ago you could use a line in World Chat (someone saying "Hello") to invite as a friend, but I think that option is no longer available.

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