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40 percent of insect species are in decline, a sobering finding that has jarred researchers worldwide.

40 percent of all insect species are in decline and could die out in the coming decades.

Factors behind the decline include, perhaps foremost among them, habitat changes wrought by humans, such as deforestation, and conversion of natural habitats for agriculture. In Europe and North America, the decline of small family farms, known for open pastures, hedgerows, and other areas where “weedy” plants like wildflowers can grow—areas that are perfect for insects—has certainly played a part. In gardens, People pull up hedgerows and replace with fences, we pave grassy areas to make patios, decking, driveways... all habitat for insects, lost without a thought.

Insects die out, so will our birds and polinators and small mammals who in turn feed larger animals. We kill our planet, we kill us.

50% of our oxygen for our planet comes from plankton in the sea. Polution like plastic is killing it,  the other 50% of our oxygen comes from earth and places like rain forests, yet we are causing deforestation at an alarming rate.


We need to reverse the damage we have done!


Its starts with you.  Its not hard, start in your own back yard.

Make sure you bin your litter and recycle as much as possible.



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