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Confessions of a naughty wife

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Hi thanks for taking a look at my post.


Who am I?


I'm Lynn. I am 5' 5" tall, weigh around 125 lbs (I have to keep working at it!) and my breasts are 34B. I am a mature, married, mother from the UK. My hubby is Ben (Benbecula, get it? lol) but he doesn't come here. He thinks my tight little shapely bottom is my sexiest feature, though he hasn't ever had me there, though I am sure he would like the idea. My avi is quite a good representation of me, though my hair in r/l is a bit longer. My hair is brunette and my eyes are a deep brown.



I love my husband and we are happy, though we are very conventional, what you might call 'vanilla', so I come here to explore my fantasies and push my boundaries.


My fantasies? I'm discovering and exploring my submissive side (I love to be given things to do that are outside my comfort zone) - I love public sex and orgies - and I love the idea of being a hot wife. Oh, and lots and lots of lovely cum, especially on my face and chest - yummy. I always get a buzz when the Chase and Fuck rooms are open, love the idea of being pursued, caught and randomly screwed. Oh my, how naughty am I? This is sooo unlike me.



It doesn't happen often but very occasionally,  when the rp here is very good - i get this overwhelming desire - a DRIVE you might say - to be impregnated. So if a 'normal' rp turns into a 'breeding' rp, you know you have REALLY pushed my buttons.!!!


I am looking to be very naughty. Stop by and tell me what you think. I'll post some of my favourite photos from the net on the theme of hot wives and swinging etc. And maybe tell you a bit of my adventures here?


I hope to meet you in the rooms.


Love and light



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Thank you Master V  :) .


Today I thought I would wear something bright: I often wear dark clothes or black and white, so I thought I needed to stand out a little more!! As you can see, I chose some bright coloured jeans and a yellow crop top that shows the bottom of my boobs. Of course I remembered to wear my tiny thong panties so that there was no chance of a VPL!!


I felt good and sexy, so I headed off to a room. I chose a pleasant place - though the name of it wasn't that appealing! - with plenty of open areas and some huts, and there were plenty of people around so there was a good atmosphere. 


The outfit worked; it was not long before a guy sidled up to me and put his hand on my bottom. Naughty!! He complimented me, we chatted, were soon slow dancing and I let him kiss me. It wasn't long before I could feel his erection pressing into me and, despite myself, my body responded and I pressed back against him, gently rolling my hips. I didn't want to be a tease, so I told him I couldn't stay long as my husband was due home any time, which he understood.


But he insisted on taking me round the back of one of the huts, and I dutifully followed as, by now, I was quite turned on and excited. I told him that he could feel me up but no more, and in no time at all my top was off and he was sucking and nibbling on my nipples, which were quickly hard and aching. Mmmmm. 


Then he kissed and nibbled on my neck. Now, whenever a guy does that it is as if there is a direct connection to my pussy; this occasion was no different and I was soaked in no time and wanting more. So I didn't object when he unzipped my jeans and slid his hand into my panties and fingered me. God, it was sooo good.


I reciprocated by unzipping him and seeking out his cock, which I wrapped my fingers round and pumped slowly as his fingers did their work on me. 


It wasn't long before I could feel my body building to a climax. It felt so good and so naughty. When he thumbed my hard, sensitive clitty I couldn't hold back, moaned loudly and came all over his hand, my pussy muscles twitching and my legs trembling. I had to cling to him for support.


With time running out, his last action was to slip his fingers from my sopping pussy and make me clean his fingers by licking my juices from them, which I did with relish. That was so hot and so naughty of me.


Unfortunately, I had to go, so I grabbed my top and kissed his cheeks and thanked him for a wonderful, naughty O. Good job I had to get back to hubby or he would surely have fucked me, there behind the hut, and goodness, how I would have enjoyed it. Another time maybe?


In the meantime, I must wear bright clothes more often. 


Love and light

Lynn xxx  ;) 


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Hi and thanks again Master V for posting. I don't think anyone else is reading my diaries  :( .


Today is a little busy in r/l, so not sure I will get to visit the rooms today. But I have selected an outfit - cool turquoise. I've swapped the jeans for a skirt. Oh my, they are short aren't they? Still they provide some quite nice 'sneak previews'  ;)  ;) .


Maybe this is the outfit to wear to one of the beaches? Keep an eye out for me and you might get more than a 'sneak preview'?  ;) 


See you there soon.


Love and light

Lynn xxx  :) 




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Ok, so I saw this challenge for a hot wife in training. It was to ask a complete stranger if he likes my bum and then to let him touch it. Intriguing! And it seemed simple and relatively innocent enough.


So I put on my turquoise outfit (see earlier post) and headed out. I didn't go to the beach, but to the UPPER FLOOR, which is a really lovely, cool venue - I'd recommend it as 5 stars on Strip Advisor!


I started looking at the profiles of the guys. There was this one cute, sexy black guy sitting just to the side of the dance floor, so I got onto the dance floor, positioned myself where he could see me and began to gyrate my stuff! I didn't get chance to ask him if he liked my bum, because he sent me a pm praising it. I did ask if he liked it for itself or because it belonged to a white wife, and I got the impression that being a married white woman did make it more appealing for him, but it was obvious he liked my bum too! We exchanged pms and he seemed an intelligent and talkative guy - i liked him, so I asked if he wanted a closer look?


In response he moved to a couch in the corner of the room, next to a vacant pole. I took the hint, and heart in mouth, went over to the pole and began to swing around it. He produced, from nowhere!, a leather flail, with long soft leather tails, with which he began to caress my legs. Wow, that was erotic and I got very excited. He flicked up the hem of my skirt a few times, so I decided to take the skirt off - I undid it and let it slip down to the floor, stepped out and kicked it away. I immediately regretted wearing conservative panties, but it was perhaps for the best! This was so exciting now, and I feared there might be a damp patch visible on my knickers.


Someone nearby pm'd to say that the panties had to go too, but I said that that decision was my date's, which they understood. Mind you  I didn't have to wait long - he distracted me (oh god yes he distracted me mmmm) by running the leather tails up the inside of my thighs, so I didn't really notice at first that, with his free hand, he slipped his big fingers into the top of my panties and tugged them down my thighs. OMG! My bottom half on show to a public room. He got his first proper glimpse of my little ass - so I guess, dear diary readers, you should see it too. What do you think - is it as sexy as my husband thinks?


Of course, he got to see my bush too, and my glistening nether lips. I guess you want to see that too :rolleyes: . Yes, I have pubic hair - I know it is not the fashion, but I am an old-fashioned girl!! I keep it neatly trimmed and bikini waxed.


This hot guy really liked my bum - he had paid no attention at all to my little breasts, even though, with no bra, my nipples were clearly visible under my top!


But then he trailed those lovely leather tails over my breasts and I nearly fainted - time for the top to go I thought and so I pulled it off. Now naked but for my shoes in a public room. How naughty!! But SO exciting.


He took my hand and pulled me towards him, spun me round so that my back was to him, his big strong hands on my torso and his big, hard cock nestled between my thighs rubbing deliciously against me. I clinched my thigh muscles together to feel his cock even more. He slapped my little ass playfully a few times, his lower abdomen pressing deliciously into the soft flesh of my bottom.


So I had completed my challenge, but I realised that there was no way this was going to be over now, I was going to get fucked.


He led me to the couch and sat me on the edge and spread my knees. I thought this was it! But instead he took hold of his hard shaft and began to pump it. Wow, that was hot and he seemed to be enjoying himself, so I watched until the inevitable happened and he shot a hot stream of sperm over my breasts, tummy and hand, which had somehow dropped between my open thighs and was playing with my sodden pussy and hard little clitty. Guess you want to see that too?


I love being painted with cum (as you will know if you have read my profile in the game) but I was a bit disappointed, thinking that was the end - but his cock remained rock hard and ready - wow what a guy!! He laid me on the couch and slipped behind me, resting the tip of his cock at my entrance. I wriggled my hips to get him at the right angle and pushed back at him, so that it was actually me that let his tip enter me. But then he took over - it took him a few thrusts, each a little deeper and spreading me more, to get fully inside me, but when he did, mmmmmmm. Once he bottomed out he fucked me, with long, slow, deep thrusts, that blew my mind and soon I had an almighty orgasm and gushed all over his hand as my internal muscles rippled around his shaft. I won't show you that as it would reveal my lover's identity and a good girl never fucks and tells!! 


Then, the hazard of game play - he poofed without warning, so I didn't get the anticipated pussy full of man cream, but hey I had a great time and achieved my challenge.


Now, what is my next challenge going to be?


Hope you enjoyed reading this?


Love and light

Lynn xxxx :)  :)  :)









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Hello  :) 


Last night I was told that my hair is a mess and was given a gift so that I could go to the salon to get it sorted out!! I was a bit upset, though the advice was meant to be constructive!!  I took their advice though, and so I tried out some new styles and decided on a makeover! Not sure that the colour is right, but it hides all the greys!! And I do like it and makes me feel sexier, so that is ok.


So today I visited Santorini - what a feat of room-building THAT is! Another ten out of ten on Strip Advisor!! I decided to wear white boots - perhaps not the most sensible for the climate  - but, hey, we girls have to suffer for our looks sometimes, a little white skirt, over white knickers, and a cool, blue top.


On arrival I climbed the steep hill to the bar and sat at the counter. Soon enough I was chatted up by two guys, who were both looking my body over admiringly. I chose one and gently dismissed the other. My choice was an older American guy, who seemed charming, though his eyes were obviously undressing me. He asked me why I was there and I told him that my husband had gone on a sailing trip and I had decided to chill and get a drink. He seemed very pleased with that answer! When I told him that my husband would be pleased to know that someone was taking good care of me he definitely got the message!


He offered to buy me a cocktail and I chose Sex on the Beach, with a bit of a wicked smile. When it arrived, I asked if he wanted to move to a table, so we did. I took the opportunity when sitting down to flash my knickers at him and, because of the short skirt, he got a good view, even after I settled my legs into a comfortable position. 


Being more of a mature guy he was confident enough to take things slow, and not rush things like young guys sometimes do, but we both knew that I was available. Still, with time ticking on and hubby due back, I was hopeful he would progress things a little more rapidly lol.


I sipped my cocktail as sexily as I could, sensuously slipping the straw between my lips. I liked this guy and was looking forward to things progressing, when - another hazard of gameplay - the room closed!!


The moment spoiled, I asked him to meet me in Sin Club as my husband would never forgive me if I didn't repay his kindness and would want me to give him something in return for the cocktail. I met him and we sat at a corner table. After a moment I leaned across and slipped my little white panties, which I had taken off in the meantime, into the inside pocket of his jacket. He seemed to appreciate the gesture. I suggested he stayed where he was and I moved to perch on a stool by the stage so that he - and only he - could see up my skirt and get a good look at my now uncovered pussy and bush. He seemed to appreciate that as well!!


All too soon I had to go, we kissed cheeks and I left - I hope I bump into him again soon, when I have a bit more time.


Love and light

Lynn xxx  ;)  :)  

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