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Confessions of a naughty wife

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Today a particular room name caught my eye in the list of users' shared rooms. The idea was that new arrivals to the room MUST have sex, with the next person to arrive of the opposite sex. This seemed quite a novel idea - my interest was piqued and I just had to check it out!


I had chosen to wear a stunning blue dress, with matching shoes and white stockings - so I looked good, if I say so myself. 


The next guy to arrive was quite handsome, said he liked married women and seemed hot for my petite body, so I thought 'Why not'  (giggle)


He invited me to sit on the sofa, which I was more than happy to do.


We chatted and it was clear that he was not into public sex, but he was so hot for my body that I tempted him into it. Well, the room was not too busy, so it was not really a problem for him, and when he unzipped my dress and helped me slip it off it was evident he had got over his concern!! He quickly removed his top, revealing a nicely toned torso and bronzed skin. Mmmmm.


After a little heated kissing action, he removed his pants and deftly unclipped my bra and pulled it free, placing his hand on my small breast while I let my little fingers slide around his rather impressive erection. 


He eased me down onto the couch, eager, he said, for a taste of my married pussy, which by now was very moist indeed and eager for tongue - if not more! He slipped between my legs, pushing my knees gently apart and let his tongue go to work, lapping at my slit and flicking at my now engorged and throbbing clitty. Bliss!!


He kept this up for quite a while, getting me very heated indeed - to the point where I really needed to feel him inside me!


He rearranged us so that he was behind me and drove straight into me, impaling me to the hilt on his huge cock - good job I was well lubricated by this point. He pounded me hard, then whispered in my ear that he was going to cum in both my pussy and my ass! My ass?! Goodness!! This was alarming but very exciting and I came there and then, gushing all over his cock and spasming around the shaft. Delightful!!


This triggered his own climax, and he erupted inside me, deep in my steaming pussy, hot and copious. Wow.


Without giving me time to come down, he manoeuvred me into position and, without much ado (or lube!! - eek) he slipped the head of his cock past my sphincter and slowly sank into my rectum. God I felt stretched and it hurt quite a bit, so I tried to relax and managed to take more of him. He grabbed my beasts, so that gravity took over and the last millimetres of his cock sank into me. 


He had to go, so he never made good on his promise of an ass full of cum, but my pussy was full enough for both holes!!


Quite an experience!! I may have to go back to this room if it is ever open again!!


Love and light
















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So yesterday I did something rather bold - or was it foolish? I went to a 3dxchat porn audition!


Well I was talking to my friend Oatsie - well he was screwing me actually  ;) - and we were in a room that was set up as a studio, with a bed surrounded by cameras. Now, I know that Oatsie is something of a porn star in the game, so I said that this must be something like being at work, to which he agreed. I said that I didn't think I had the body for porn - small breasts and ass not your typical porn star methinks! - but he said that there was definitely an audience for the more petite ladies too. Interesting.


Whilst he continued to slip me his delicious length, he made me look into the cameras around the bed, pointing out that the little red flashing light on top of the camera meant that it was recording. Goodness!! Well, I have to admit that it was actually a turn on.


Later in the day, quite by chance - was it fate? - there was a room where open porn auditions were being held and I found myself going along out of curiosity. There were quite a few people there, but the auditioner (who is Max Hammer, whose work I have seen before and he can be quite abusive to his models on screen, which may or may not be a plus point) seemed to take an interest me and called me forward to stand in front of his desk. He asked me to take my clothes off, which I did as seductively as possible, and he looked me over, telling me that I had passed the audition and that he would get in touch to arrange a shoot!


Oh my - what have I done?


Well, dear readers, what should I do? What do you think? Go for it or not?


Love and light





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Hot Wife Challenge


Yesterday I was set a hot wife challenge: to give a complete stranger a blow job in a public place! 


Goodness! Well I like a mouth full of a stranger's cock as much as the next hot wife, but I don't usually make the first move; I am more used to guys approaching me. Anyway, I was up for the challenge!


I went to the beach first but there were no likely candidates, so I visited one of the clubs and soon bumped into a guy from New York who was new to the game. He must have read my profile, because he asked me if I would like to submit to him, which gave me the opportunity to explain my challenge to him. He was up for it, provided that I didn't stop before he came! Cheek!!


He led me to a quiet corner of the club and told me to get to work. I knew I had to use all my womanly wiles to pull this off!! I sidled up to him and blew warm breath into his ear as I took hold of his pants' zipper and pulled it slowly down, eased my hand inside his underwear and wrapped my little fingers around his firming cock, pulling it out into the air. Quite nice!


I slipped my dress off, revealing my black bra and panty set, stockings and suspenders, and holding his cock firmly I sank to my knees.


I presented the tip of his cock to my lips and slowly let my lips slip over the head, taking him into my mouth. Still gripping him firmly at the base I eased more of him into my mouth and began to bob my head and pump my hand in harmony, varying my pace to add to his pleasure and sense of anticipation.


I licked his shaft and probed his pee hole with the tip of my tongue before drawing him back deeply into my mouth, my lips forming a vacuum seal around his lovely cock. Using all my verbal skills, if you know what I mean, and all my oral ones, I got him really excited. I hummed along his shaft to send vibrations through him and this brought moans of appreciation! 


He wanted to see what he described as my 'perky tits' so I deftly reached behind me and unclasped my bra, shimmying it off and letting the girls out. My nipples were hard and sensitive, especially when I manoeuvred myself so that I could rub them back and forth across his thighs. He seemed to like that!!


At length (giggle) I eased the tip of his cock into my throat - I gagged a little (I often gag a little, sometimes for effect; I think the guys like it, gives them an added feeling that they are overpowering you) but took him in, pressing my nose against his belly. This got him really excited and shortly he blew his load into my mouth and down my throat. (I was typing so much I nearly missed it lol!!)


I licked him clean, swallowing all his lovely cum. I got up off my knees, kissed his cheeks and got dressed and left. He seemed quite impressed with me. Challenge accomplished!!


Love and light



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