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It was sad story 114 years ago.

About Siam (aka Thai) prince who fell in love with Lanna (aka Chiang Mai) princess.

He proposed with an old tradition way through matchmaker but it was failed.

However, with HH sadness, He created the classical love song called "Lao Duang Deun"


The prince kept playing his song until he passed away 7 years later...

And it became a legendary love song until today.


Note: There was only female singer in the court  to perform his songwriting at that time.

So, No male singer to perform this song due to music notation pitch.


I'd like to present 4th Chiang Mai Jazz Festival to revive this song again.

Performed by The Sound Of Siam, Feat. "Pui"Duangporn.

There were 2 Thai music instruments; Flute and fiddle with this session.


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